Jessica DeFino

Join Aliza as she speaks with beauty reporter, Jessica DeFino, about the beauty "industry" and how we can change the conversation around beauty.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Mar 29, 2023
Paige Morrow Kimball

Join us for a conversation about women in film for women's history month. This episode, Aliza sits down with award-winning filmmaker and director, Paige Morrow Kimball, and we end the episode with a conversation with Aliza's daughter, Zoe, about the women in film club she started at her school.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Mar 22, 2023
Dr Kaye Wise Whitehead

Join Aliza as she speaks with Dr. Kaye Wise Whitehead of Loyola University about living a life of service and being the change you want to see.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Mar 15, 2023
Nadya Okamoto

Join Aliza as she speaks with PERIOD and August Founder, Nadya Okamoto, about ending period poverty.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Mar 08, 2023
Sara Peterson

Join Aliza as she speaks with writer and author, Sara Peterson, about momfluencer culture, MLMs, and her upcoming book "Momfluenced".

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Mar 01, 2023
Remembering Carol

In this very special episode, our team shares thoughts and memories of our beloved colleague and friend, Carol Milliron.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Feb 22, 2023
Jacqueline Suskin

Join Aliza as she speaks with poet and educator, Jacqueline Suskin, about how we can cultivate a poetic mindset in our every day lives.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Feb 15, 2023
Kirstyn Nimmo

Join Aliza as she speaks with the Founder of Good Worx, Kirstyn Nimmo, about what social impact really is, what Gen Z is getting right, and more.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Feb 08, 2023
Bonnie Fuller

Join Aliza as she speaks with the Editor-in-Chief and CEO of Hollywood Life, Bonnie Fuller, to talk about the evolution of the magazine industry and celebrity culture.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Feb 01, 2023
Farnoosh Torabi

Join Aliza as she speaks with CNET's So Money Podcast host, Farnoosh Torabi.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Jan 25, 2023