Podcast Launch: SheSpeaks How She Does It

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 09.23.20
Podcast Launch: SheSpeaks How She Does It
We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new podcast, SheSpeaks: How She Does It, a series that will lift us up and guide us on how to be more motivated and successful.

To celebrate, we're hosting a giveaway. Listen and enter for the chance to win a pair of Apple AirPods!

The guests of SheSpeaks: How She Does It will speak about the challenges they've encountered while finding their path to success and happiness. We'll hear remarkable stories and get helpful advice about topics such as navigating careers, balancing life, and achieving goals.

We know these interviews will leave you feeling as inspired as we are.

We will release new episodes, weekly on Tuesdays, so be sure to subscribe and follow along. You can listen on the following platforms: 

Apple Podcasts  |  Stitcher  | Spotify |   Website  |  Libsyn 

When do you listen to podcasts? During a drive, on a run, or maybe in your room? Let us know for the chance to win a pair of Apple AirPods!

Podcast Launch Giveaway

*One person will be chosen at random to receive a pair of Apple AirPods. Giveaway is open through October 18, 2020 to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. Entrants must be a member of SheSpeaks. If you are not a member, click here to join. Winner will be notified by email.

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  • mandiesmith080311 By mandiesmith080311

    Love the podcasts.    The podcasts ha e become part of my shower routine..lol.   I listen to them while getting ready for the day.

  • katrinajulia By katrinajulia

    Love it great intro to launch & listening to Episode with Tabitha now & wow on 6 kids & love the miracle approach & sharing the behind the scenes!

  • hotel_queen By hotel_queen

    While in the car is where I love to listen. 

  • amarie622 By amarie622

    We listen when we are going on road trips, going for walks, bored at home. 

  • Rubygirl By Rubygirl

    I listen either in the car or while doing chores around the house.

  • Lcjones0519 By Lcjones0519

    I always love listening to my podcasts while getting myself ready in the morning and on the way to work, appointments, errands, etc. 

  • mmei622 By mmei622

    I don't listen to podcasts

  • 1bets1 By 1bets1

    I sometimes listen to podcasts on my morning walk before walk. It relaxes me.

  • kugrad2005 By kugrad2005

    I listen to podcasts when I'm driving long distances or when I'm working! I love both audiobooks & podcasts! 

  • speechiemel By speechiemel

    I listen to podcasts on my drive home during rush hour.

  • turkoise By turkoise

    I don't

  • Byrdy1999 By Byrdy1999

    I don't. 

  • melmorgan4 By melmorgan4

    I listen to podcasts while on walks and on my commute to and from work.

  • mumlady By mumlady

    I haven't yet, but am willing to give them a try.

  • CarryOn41 By CarryOn41

    I listen to podcasts on my long commute to work.

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