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  • Dahling By  Dahling    

    Shaped for good reason

    Used similar for my daughter in 93 and usually give as a gift to help ward off colic and ear troubles

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  • tisonlyme143 By  tisonlyme143    

    Nice Product

    I gave these a four star because my granddaughter seems to enjoy using these. I find that they are easy to use and clean. I didn't mind the price on these also. Makes a great gift. @tisonlyme143

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  • vspulak By  vspulak    

    Thank Goodness

    My youngest daughter had a bad colic and these bottles worked miracles

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  • KKate94 By  KKate94    

    Not worth the price

    They leaked Everytime I used them. I ended up buying cheaper bottle that worked 10 times better.

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  • BellaMadison By  BellaMadison    


    Unfortunately, i tryed and tryed but just couldnt appreciate these bottles. There was always a problem with leakage no matter how many new parts i purchased. Luckily i was able to find a brand that had a similar concept that i stuck with and got me through the bottle stage!

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  • carmencruz210 By  carmencruz210    

    love t

    perfect, my baby loves it, definitely recommend to first time mothers

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  • cassandrametz96 By  cassandrametz96    


    Love love love this bottle . Extremely good for babies with gas and preventing colic . The nipples are a perfect size . You can?t be the price for such an amazing bottle

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  • mommabear123 By  mommabear123    

    Easy clean.

    I didnt notice any change in the coliciness of 2nd child but it made cleaning alittle easier

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  • nicoleslounge By  nicoleslounge    

    Love the convenient angle

    I love using these Playtect bottles. The have a convenient angle to make feeding easier and they also a air vent up to help with bubbles and gas. I used these on all 3 of my kids and really enjoyed them.

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  • Andiee By  Andiee    


    These bottles are one of my top favorites ! My son and daughter used these an my son stilll uses his ! It prevents air into the bottle so our babies have less chance to get those terrible tummy aches

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  • BecauseMomSays By  BecauseMomSays    

    Lifesaving Baby Product

    As a mom of a child that suffered from terrible gas pains, these bottles were an absolute lifesaver. I tried so many different bottles before finding these. Our issues significantly decreased with a properly ventilated bottle system!

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  • gerald368 By  gerald368    

    they worked ok with my kids. they were shaped easy for handling

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  • Ashymorr123 By  Ashymorr123    

    Good for breastfeeding moms

    I loved this product it's still the only bottles my son will use. Ever since he was born he gave me a hard time with bottles and then my grandmother got me this one. Did not regret it like all the others I feel like it maybe helped him learn how to latch on better but maybe that was just him. Also it seems to be pretty good on the amount of air he takes in

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  • CLWoodard97 By  CLWoodard97    


    Really enjoyed the less air bubbles that got into babies tummy

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  • NinaBrito2017 By  NinaBrito2017    

    I used these bottles for a while and had no problem with them. Just stopped using them.

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