Pinzon Apple and Potato Peeler, Corer and Slicer

Pinzon Apple and Potato Peeler, Corer and Slicer

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Amazing for when my younger cousins come over, it entertains them while I try and make lunch without my having to worry about them having access to knives.

so fun! sunch a fun thing to use and great for kids. kids love it because it peels and the apple or whatever you put in it is fun to eat!

This is a fun idea but I personally think a good pearing knife is quicker.

I absolutely love my corer/peeler! This product works great to break down apples for cooking, such as apple crisp or pies. It stays in place with a heavy duty suction cup grip. I gave this product 4 stars simply because if the apple (or other food product) is uneven, the peeler portion will miss spots. But it is so worth it for the time saving measures.

If you peel apples, pears, potatoes, or any such fruit or veggies regularly, you would appreciate one of these. They are a real timesaver and perfection achiever! They lock into place on your counter, you lock the produce into place on the gadget, and you simply crank the handle to peel. Entertain your family and friends as the peels fly off in (usually) one long swirl, and Voila! It slices at the same time! Your apple will look like a Slinky, but a quick slice down the sides will result in perfect slices for pies or sauteeing or just eating, and it's lightning-fast! Fun and fast at the same time? What more could you ask? Go get ya one!

This peeler is really cool. It peels apples and potatoes really fast. Sometimes it does miss some spots if the potato or apple is weirdly shaped. Overall, it's a great invention.

Canning applesauce or apples has NEVER been easier. I make apple pies on a whim and just cannot brag enough about this. I also use this for curly potatoes and pears. A KITCHEN MUST HAVE!

This is my new favorite kitchen gadget, for sure. My friend brought it out at a kids party and everyone there was fascinated. Then we all had to order one ourselves. In about 1 minute, the apple is cut into a spiral, with or without the peel. It was so cool looking that all of the kids wanted to eat one, and the adults too. It is perfect to have around the house for snacks and it would make apple-pie baking so easy. I haven't tried cutting a potato yet but I am excited to do that - if it peels an apple this easily, it will make it so quick to peel potatoes for mashed potatoes or baked fries. So great, I am getting my MIL and SIL one each for the holidays.