Pilot G-2 Gel Pens

Pilot G-2 Gel Pens

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High quality stationary Love the feel of these pens and how easy they are to write with. Along with the pens, G2 mechanical pencils are also amazing despite being hard to find in stores.

Best Pens! These are my go-to pens. I use this brand over any other. I love how easily they glide on the paper as you write. Only bad thing is that the ink is a bit heavy and will bleed through most papers.

Clean and crisp writing This is my go to pen. I use both the .38 and .5 regularly and I love how crisp the ink rolls into the paper. You don't have to worry about the ball getting stuck or the ink bleeding onto the page. The pen is also not so bulky it won't fit into a pen holder.

Pilot G-2 Gel Pens Looveee those pens. Soft rubber pen holder and smooth ballpoint ink, all of a sudden you want to write and your handwriting becomes so much more elegant

Glide across the paper I started keeping a journal six years ago after my female Chihuahua Cocoa died. I received a pack of these pens for Mother's day. I have been buying them since. They are easy to handle, glide across the paper.

The pen everyone wants The G2's are my go-to pen all day at the office. It's one of those good pens that everyone wants to steal! It's glide is perfection across any thickness of paper, and the ink is dark enough that it even works great on carbon copies. My only slight complaint is that it can smudge if not given adequate time to dry.

The best!!! I absolutely love these pens and highly recommend them to everyone! They have been my favorite for years now and I have never found other pens to be quite as pleasing. I am a college student and do a lot of writing while I'm studying, so pen quality is extremely important for me. They also come in an incredibly wide array of colors! Perfect for note taking!!! Not only are these pens comfortable to write with for literal hours straight, you can also buy ink refills!

My favorite pen Nothing glides across paper like a G2. Always my go to. My husband is obsessed now too lol

Absolute favorite! One of my favorite pens ever. Writes so smoothly and doesn't smear.

My Favorite Pens! These pens are my favorite. Ink flows smoothly and being able to see how much ink is left in the pen is a bonus. I highly recommend them.

Best Pens! My absolute favorite pens EVER! They write very smoothly and the pigment is prefect. I took a psychology course and there were a lot of handwritten notes. These pens did not disappoint. They come in a million colors for decoration etc. The perfect pens in my opinion.

Reliable Pen I love these pens because they write so smoothly and come at a fair price. The only complaint I have is they do smudge quite easily.

Ink I love these pens and the fact it doesn't bleed through and the range of colors that I can choose from especially when I'm writing down notes in class and I can choose which colors that stands out for me to memorize key notes.

great pens! These are my son's favorite pens - he won't use anything else!

Best Pens These are my favorite pens of all time! I literally won't buy any other pens. They write clearly and easily.