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  • Montap2 By  Montap2    

    I have own several stroller during my maternity time as I have 9 children so imagine this stroller is a full size stroller It is pretty smooth to drive around I love the breathable material the canopy is pretty extendable. The seat reclines fully I truly recommend this stroller.

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  • Sarah1228 By  Sarah1228    


    The stroller itself is made of plastic and metal. The handles are plastic and with wear the pieces warp and twist , causing gaps and less control of stroller. The canopy is probably my favorite piece as it extends just a few inches above front rail guard. Great protection from sun and or disturbances while napping. Also, unzips just above the head in case u need ventilation etc. what I really don't like is that the canopy itself can come off incredibly easily and it can be frustrating to fix when in a hurry.The stroller is not adaptable to other car seats if carrying a smaller infant around. My chicco infant seat is a little iffy but it does work well. I love that the seat belt and buckles can be used as either a 5 point harness or 3 points. The wheels unlock for easy maneuvering but should only be taken on smooth pavement. The wheels are a hard plastic so every rock and twig can be felt. The hanging basket underneath is great and practical. Very spacious. Upon opening the stroller my fiancé and I found it rather difficult to assemble as this model is not very popular and now we know why. Being that it is an Italian stroller we expected something different than what we have. It was a gift and it does the job , but I would not use it for our next child.

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