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THE Magazine to read Parents mag is THE magazine all parents need to read for advice and ideas

THE Magazine to read Parents mag is THE magazine all parents need to read for advice and ideas

Too woke to read anymore Every time this publication uses the woke terms ?birthing person?, ?chest feeding?, etc. I want to scream. Stop shoving this agenda down our throat.

Worthless One of the most political magazines that is supposed to be for parents. It used to actually give tips for parents, especially mom's. Now it just wants to push the far left agenda.

Very informative for first time moms as well as the seasoned mom.

I love that I was able to get a free subscription to this magazine when my first child was born. It was definitely very informative for a first time mom. I do not read it anymore, mainly because I have two children and no free time to read any magazine.

Love everything about this magazine! Articles are great and I always read it cover to cover!

I have been reading this magazine for the past 10 years! It has tons of advice that help parents get through the ruff patches in parenting moments. The articles make you feel like you are not alone when you think you are in some situations. Great advice.

Awesome magazine!!

This is really a good magazine. I use to buy this magazine when my kids were small. Now my kids are all grownup now,

this is a great magazine for young parents. they give great tips

This is a great magazine for anyone that is a parent. Great articles that are very helpful for parenting.

A must have magazine if you have kids or grand kids. It is interesting and gives you advice and more important it gives you added knowledge.

I get a lot of helpful parenting tips and ideas from this magazine, I love it!