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  • jmahaffey1021 By  jmahaffey1021    

    love the wipes

    love these wipes. They dont tend to get stuck together and bunched up every time you pull one out like other similar brands!

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  • Washburn1 By  Washburn1    

    Love these diapers!

    We used these diapers for our little one and loved them! We didn't have any problems with leaking and diaper rashes were minimal.

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  • Connie1963 By  Connie1963    

    Good diapers

    Great Sensitive pamper diapers.keep s the baby really dry and really holds up with out falling apart like some do.

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  • jlazarus By  jlazarus    


    My 1 year old was breaking out on his back and bottom so we decided to try these sensitive pampers and once we did he no longer is getting the rash. We will most definitely stick with these.

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  • Aswagg89 By  Aswagg89    

    Great diapers

    I absolutely loved these! They worked great for my son who had really sensitive skin when he was a newborn. We tried these and never had a problem with any breakouts. They didn't leak, maybe on occasion, but for the most part they did with stand pretty well

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  • Katelynh By  Katelynh    


    My absolute favorite diapers! I refused to use any other diapers but these. I never had a problem with leaking or rashes. My favorite part is the pee line that lets you know when they use the bathroom. Another thing is pamperd diapers always smell so good!

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  • Cgrovell By  Cgrovell    

    The Pampers Senstive diapers were a life saver when I had my son last week. With newborn you never know how their skin will react it comes to diapers. These worked great to help his sensitive skin.

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  • Nikki4631 By  Nikki4631    


    I liked the Huggies diapers because they helped keep moisture off of my daughter. I however didn't liked the fact that they leaked most of the time.

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  • Leavitt12 By  Leavitt12    

    I never really cared for Pampers diapers. It seems that every time my child went to the bathroom the pee socked through these diapers . They were soft and they seemed like they fit very well just did not handle the pee.

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  • HarleyPaige By  HarleyPaige    

    I'm usually a huggies fan but I received a box from a friend and now that's all I'll use for my little one's sensitive skin .

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  • Mariasmommy2012 By  Mariasmommy2012    

    My younger child couldn't use anything but these. She couldn't have all the perfume that is put into the diapers that smell like powder. It was a Lifesaver

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  • Alyanna17 By  Alyanna17    

    Unfortunately I had a really bad experience with this pamper. They have my baby the worse pamper rushed ever. I change my baby always as soon as she is done but with this pamper no matter how fast i change her she would always get a rush. so i had to change them. Maybe it was my baby but i had a bad experience.

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  • val8703 By  val8703    

    Love pampers one of my favorite brands for my child, they make great diapers... supports child overnight and does not leak...

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  • talleyalyssa11 By  talleyalyssa11    

    Love pampers diapers. I will not use any other brand. Pampers does the job!

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  • JShields2432 By  JShields2432    

    Perfect diapers for your infant child, they are sensitive and soft and have the color changing formula on the front so you know when it is time for a change!

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