Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

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They're so soft! The only wipes I use on my baby boy. They're soft and moist enough to get the job done with only one wipe with no annoying odors.

No thanks Honestly i'm not a fan of these wipes. They lack foundation. Normally with other brands I can use 1 wipe for pee and 1-2 for poop, but for this brand I have to use 2x-3x normal which sucks. Plus it comes with less so i'm just losing out.

Clean skin Leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean great for sensitive skin would buy this again highly recommend this product

Prefer these over other brands... These are thick and gentle and do prevent rashing, but don't always eliminate urine smell.

LOVE THESE. GO TO WIPES I received so many different brands of wipes from our baby shower but pampers sensitive wins in every aspect. Other brands ripped EVERY SINGLE TIME I went to pull them out of the container. They were either too wet, smelly or dry. I've yet to have any sort of issues with pampers sensitives though! They don't have a strong odor, they never rip, the poo never goes through the the other side, they are the perfect saturation so that they don't feel gross from being too saturated and they're never too dry. They keep my daughter from breaking out into rashes, luckily she's almost two and we've only ever had to deal with one diaper rash due to teething. These wipes have saved her booty and my sanity! I literally get any new mom these wipes because they're the best. Plus they're like super cheap, so you can't beat that.

So Soft! Pampers Sensitive baby wipes are the best. I have tried many brands and I love the Pampers Sensitive the best. They are thick and dont fall apart. The best thing about them are they are super soft. All the other brands i have tried are rough and definitely not as soft as these.

Great Wipes These are the only wipes my daughter can use on my grandson. He has sensitive skin as well as eczema and other wipes irritate his skin. She has been using them since he was a newborn and he is now 23 months.

Love them! Pampers Sensitive wipes are the only wipes we have used and loved for both of our children. They both break out into rashes with any other brand of wipes, they don't smell awful, and they are thick enough to clean a baby bottom but thin enough to not tear when pulling them out of the package. I even use these to clean my makeup off.

good product it was a good product,i have use for my baby time without number

Not Just For Baby We first started using Pampers Sensitive Wipes when my oldest child was a newborn. 8 years later they have become a staple in our household. From keeping bums clean to quick sticky face clean up, pampers wipes do the job. I even use the aloe infused wipes for my nightly makeup removal! They leave my skin clean and moisturized. We've used pampers wipes to get crayon off the walls and one time I even managed to get a spot of spaghetti sauce off my white dress shirt!!! They really are great for the whole family. We swear by them.

This is a good quality wipe, but not a thick or durable as others so they may be best for only number one clean ups. They work great for sensitive skin so if your child has sensitive skin or allergies these would be a good option.

Love I love these wipes I'm using them now on my little one. Super soft and moist.

Best wipes! These are the only wipes I use! I've tried all kinds as I'm an experienced mom. & home daycare owner. Other wipes are too thin and make wiping bm more difficult & messier. These wipes are just the right thickness with just the right amount of saturation and I love knowing that they are sensitive.

Wonderful. Pampers brand is fantastic. These are on the thin side. But do the job. I recommend a company called, " Butt Paste." I know the name is odd, but if you have a baby with a sensitivity to chemicals or wipes. This will work.

I love these wipes! They are moist but very gentle. They are rather pricey even compared to other Pampers wipes but I do know sensitive skin products cost a bit more. Otherwise, they're great!