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  • Sonyadonna By  Sonyadonna    

    Cleans dishes and more

    Great product, I use it for more than dishes its great!

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  • agould81 By  agould81    

    Works well!

    Great soap!! This soap really does it?s job in every possible way! I love this soap. I pour it all over the sink and just let it do it?s job. Man does it go to work!

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  • Romariel By  Romariel    

    One of the best dish soaps

    I grew up washing dishes with Palmolive soap. Palmolive soap makes a lot of bubbles and takes away the stains from food.

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  • Fishface By  Fishface    

    Still going strong, Madge!!

    Palmolive dish soap is a great value!! It smells great. Is easy on my hands and blasts away grease and grime for a kitchens worth of dishes!! Always great results whenever I use it.

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  • klassic By  klassic    

    Strong and Effective

    I have used Palmolive for several years. This particular one is effective yet okay for sensitive skin. It is strong to take away grease and baked on product. I have been satisfied with it.

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  • TheMaven By  TheMaven    

    Thick and effective

    Palmolive Original Dish Soap is thick and concentrated and effectively cleans dishes. I also love the fragrance. Just a small squirt cleans quite a lot of dishes, too.

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  • crysrocke By  crysrocke    

    Palmolive is amStaple in my Household

    I have been using the Palmolive brand for over 20 years. My favorite is the Palmolive ANtiBacterial dish soap.

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  • Quiet2468 By  Quiet2468    

    Very affordable

    Very affordable, gentle on skin and tough on dishes. This is the only brand I use for dishes.

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  • Ilovemycats2 By  Ilovemycats2    

    I truly love Palmolive dishsoap! It is gentle on my hands and also has a great scent! It also is a great price!

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  • CandyMaxwell By  CandyMaxwell    

    Love me some Palmolive dishwashing liquid!

    I Iove Palmolive.. I've been using this for years,. It works really well and it does leave my hands feeling dried out. . The price what keeps me coming back to buy it..

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  • Easy2SaveBlog By  Easy2SaveBlog    

    My Aunt used this years ago and I loved the fresh light smell I now use it myself. It works well the price makes it a good value in my opinion.

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  • Mommylife95 By  Mommylife95    

    Dish soap

    YES YES YES!!! I love this dish soap it cleans the dishes so good and leaves them shiny and smells my kitchen with great fragrance

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  • monteque By  monteque    

    It's okay

    I like it but don't exactly love it. It seems like I have to use more to wash the amount of dishes that I may have.

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  • PrettyBabygirl By  PrettyBabygirl    

    Palmolive is soft on palms.

    This dish soap is absolutely my favorite to use. It's soft and gentle on my hands and good at combating grease, burned food, and caked on dishes. It's one of the best products you can buy.

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  • Guccigurl By  Guccigurl    

    Power like a 18 wheeler

    Palmolive oxy power dish liquid has power no other dish liquid has. I LOVE how"tough" it stand up against grease but so "soft" on my hands and it's affordable and fight odor like no other brand.

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