Oxygen Dance Your Ass Off

Oxygen Dance Your Ass Off

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I really liked this reality show and I wished it lasted longer than just two seasons. I thought it was different from other weight loss shows since the contestants were dancing and not just working out at the gym.

I love the looks on the contestants face when they do well at a dance that they didn't think they could do. It makes me happy to see them feeling sexy and capable. Some of them come on the show with such low self-esteems and I think this show helps them to achieve it. I feel proud of them every time I watch, as if they are my children. Gaining self-esteem is very difficult for a lot of people and I think this is a great show.

I found it to be funny and touching.

I love this show, i think its a great idea.

I love this show.

I love it. It's a great show, even for reality TV. :]

I love this show, funny and healthy at the same time. IT'S GREAT

i like watching that show sometimes seeing how the contest lose so much weight and how they able to dance and move better after a while.and the glow they get in their eyes.dont we all want to join and lose some pounds too?

Sorry...Pros & Con comments should have both been put on the Con list. The PRO is seeing real people losing weight by changing their eating habits. Good luck to them all!