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  • DebEmilioSteve By  DebEmilioSteve    

    A+ Blender

    Just purchased this blender. Works really well to make salsa, smoothies or hummus. Quick and easy to use or clean.

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  • Brittbrat1012 By  Brittbrat1012    

    It's definitely not the best blender ever but it is a great started blender and works pretty well. Price isnt bad either

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  • haleyfoxblog By  haleyfoxblog    

    Great for a Beginner

    As the Founder of a Food / Recipe Blog I get to review products on a daily basis. This one I found lacked the power to really get the job done. I was testing it to make smoothies and yogurt bowls.

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  • mccllkings By  mccllkings    

    Blender is great!!!

    I love my kitchen blender that I got...seems to work like magic no matter what I put in it to blend up...gonna work great for tomatoes in canning season to make sauce and juice.

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  • Heathers2980 By  Heathers2980    

    Oster Blender

    Hands down best brand blender. Awesome speeds, long lasting and sleek design make it a kitchen must!

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  • OhEmGee By  OhEmGee    


    Like any typical blender, it is full of noise :) but it performs really well. I use it in the morning mostly, helps us wake up our senses actually, and then helps us with our daily morning blends. I do hope the noise will be fixed by Oster, but it's definitely better than my old blender.

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  • tortgeorge By  tortgeorge    

    Works addiquetly

    I purchased this blender after mine crapped the bed. I use my blender for quiet a few things around the kitchen. Mainly for smoothies for my children , an easy way to his veggies ! It works addiquetly, nothing special. My only complaint is that it takes a little longer than I thought to smooth completely.

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  • AlyssaJ By  AlyssaJ    

    Best Blender!

    This blender is perfect! great low price and it has lasted me a couple years now. I use it a lot during the summer time for smoothies, slushies, and my special coffee drinks I make for my husband and I, The blender can handle a lot and its still going strong for me. If your on a budget I definitely recommend this one!

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  • Ilovejerrysobig By  Ilovejerrysobig    

    Good Blender For your Buck $

    I dont have a ton on dough to spend on a fancy high priced blender, but after having bad luck with the cheap blenders I had purchased over the years decided to spend at least $50. This blender was much less than that and is amazing! Before purchasing I looked at reviews online, and was surprised to find great rating for this low-priced blender. I make smoothies all the time, often with frozen fruit. This blender never leaves chunks, always smooth. Crushes ice nicely too!

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  • hahill By  hahill    

    Good for the price. It is loud but most blenders are. I don't use it very much but it does the job when I need it to.

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  • naheed By  naheed    

    I bought this blender to use in my office for making smoothies after the smoothie maker we were using burned down. It does its job perfectly but a little noisy. The blades are very sharp so its advisable to open the bottom part to wash the blender after use and dry before putting together. Its a good blender for the price.

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