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  • Twyla1 By  Twyla1    

    Best Oreos

    I have tried various oreo cookie products and, frankly, I still go for the simple oreo with the plain frosting filling. I like to dip them in my coffee. The only problem is that it is easy to eat 'too many' at one time.

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  • Beckalynnxx By  Beckalynnxx    


    I have always been a fan of Oreos. They are my favorite cookies. Love eating them plain or with almond milk. I could eat the whole thing if I don?t worry about all those calories. It?s a classic cookie that has been popular for ages and will continue to do that.

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  • Keniamejia By  Keniamejia    

    I really like this cookie, they are my children's favorites, we always buy they can't be absent at home.

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  • cyndylew26 By  cyndylew26    


    This is theee cookie of all cookies. Great to eat alone or dip in milk. Go for it!

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  • sunnay By  sunnay    


    Who loves Oreo cookies? I do! I do! I doooooo! The best cookies ever!

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  • jonilosmom By  jonilosmom    


    Oreo sandwich cookies are a favorite in my family. Always good quality and very tasty.

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  • Naffy786 By  Naffy786    


    Tell me, who doesn't love these?! I love these Oreo cookies because their inside is rich and creamy and their outside is nice and crispy. I buy them every now and then and eat them by themselves or with milk. I like that a variety of recipes can be made with them too such as deep fry them or crush and use them as a coating. I'd definitely recommend these cookies to everyone.

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  • aliciamarie3 By  aliciamarie3    

    The best!

    There is no comparison to Oreo. Other brands may make sandwich cookies, but none will ever taste as good as Oreo.

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  • Kristinakc By  Kristinakc    

    Love Oreos they're delicious good snacks for the kids and the family sometimes I put them in milk sometimes I fry them sometimes I make cakes and different desserts from them 10 out of 10 would recommend

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  • emily219 By  emily219    

    Love Oreos, who doesn't love these cookies. They are simply the best. Sometimes we dunk in milk, other times just eat them. You can't go wrong with this cookie.

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  • yourfavbunny By  yourfavbunny    

    oreos are of course a favorite of many people , the original oreo is amazing , nice chocolate crunch cookie with a crème filled center. literally melts in milk , and in your mouth .

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  • Kayla414 By  Kayla414    

    Oreos are 100% my favorite cookie of all time!!! I love the regular, the thins, mint oreos, yummy. Every time super fresh and delicious. Love them in ice cream!!

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  • Mzprice83 By  Mzprice83    

    Soo yummy

    Oreos have been my all time favorite cookie ! You can't go wrong with a cold glass of milk and a couple of oreos .

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  • davisesq212 By  davisesq212    

    Classic cookie that just is amazing. Great creamy center and yummy chocolate cookie!

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  • KannChan159 By  KannChan159    

    Classic cookie, milks best friend. I like the chocolate cookie part, taste good and is always crunchy. I'm not a big fan of the inner creme because the oil in it leaves a film inside of my mouth. Especially the roof of the mouth so it's off putting by a bit. I usually scrap off the middle stuff and eat the cookie parts.

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