Orange Glo  Wood cleaner and polish

Orange Glo Wood cleaner and polish

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I Love Orange Glo! I love this product! I love how easy it is to use, I love the smell and I love the way my wood looks and feels after I use it. Orange products are my favorite!

Amazing uses for Orange Glo I love this product! It cleans a lot more than just wood too! You can spray this on a filthy stainless steel BBQ grill and it cleans all the greasy grime right off with no scrubbing making it look brand new. In fact, it is one of the best stainless steel polishes I've ever used! To clean a stainless steel refrigerator first wipe it off with a wet rag and dry off. Then using a clean soft cloth lightly spray Orange Glo onto the cloth and wipe the Orange Glo onto the stainless steel then using the dry side of the cloth wipe it again to remove excess oil and you're done! I use it on lots of things glass top cookstoves, electronic appliances such as DVD players, laptop surfaces (except the screen a damp rag with water works best for that) It works Extremely well on machine parts that are binding from sitting for long periods of time and the oil on the machine has become thick sticky or glazed where they cannot move freely. Just spray the Orange Glo on all the moving parts and let sit for 5 minutes then clean off all the moving parts with a soft toothbrush until everything moves again. Just be careful not to get the oil on any belts or they will come off.

I love the scent and how it leaves your wood looking brand new again.

Orange Glo Orange Glo wood cleaner leaves behind clean shiny tables and a pleasant orange aroma.

I like using this product only on my wood floors. I don't use this product anywhere else. I spray my floors down with it and then go over it lightly with a damp cotton mop. It keeps the floor looking great and it has a great smell.

I like the way it cleans the wood and I like the smell. Does a great job.

I love the way my furniture smells after I use this and it leaves my furniture looking like new all the time.

This is my favorite wood cleaning product. Love it.

This stuff is great for wooden furniture and accents in the house. I use it on all my wood products and leaves them shiny! and ohh smells good

I love the smell of this and it works great. Only downside is its greasy on your hands it seems. But it polishes nicely and hydrates the wood furniture. Leaves things looking brand new again.

I like the product but it can seem greasy at times

Perfect product to use on wood and wood floors I sprayed on my floors to get them extra shiny and clean

LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. It always leaves my wood looking so shiny and so well-polished. Even the furniture I have that is scratched seems to look nearly new when I use this product. It is worth every penny and leaves my house smelling pleasant rather than chemically. I also love that it comes in a spray bottle rather than a can.

Smell is spectacular and cleans great.Only wish it had a little longer staying power on the shiny finish when you polish.Can soak in awfully fast and i enjoy the shine.

This product works so well for wood furniture. It smells wonderfully, and a little really goes a long way. I love the fact that it is not only cleaning, shining, and polishing but it is also nourishing the wood to help it last longer. We began using this product a few years ago after we inherited a very nice and antique wooden dresser from my in-laws. Unfortunately by the time it got to us there were a few scrapes noticeable but not large and also some type of sun damage, I'm not sure. We figured we were stuck with it but when we tried out this product for the first time we could no longer see the scrapes or the damage to the top of the dresser. While it is not a permanent fix as the scrapes begin to shine through a few weeks later.. I know I just have to use a little of this product to get my dresser looking top shape.