Old El Paso Taco Dinner Kit

Old El Paso Taco Dinner Kit

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Yummy So delicious fresh tasty. I use it on everything! So many recipes to use it with & just adds that extra oomph to a recipe! Try it in everything and anything. I absolutely love this stuff. I promise you will love it too!

Easy Dinner This dinner kit is a great kit to have on hand for a quick dinner. Usually the taco shells, the seasoning mix and the taco sauce is included. There are different types of kits that have hard shells, soft shells, stand up shells, ect. You can make any kind of taco and add what you want. Its a great base to personalize it yourself. Easy to fix and a quick and easy dinner.

So yummy!!! We don't have this all the time but it is a quick treat that we splurge on every one in a while.I love both the hard and soft taco and of course the mild sauce.Such a great dinner idea.

Quick, Easy, and Tasty I love these tacos and I always buy them to make tacos. I do prefer the soft tortillas over the hard shell tacos but they are both delicious. It is very easy and quick to make using the dinner kit as well.

Love them the stand taco shells are great because you can actually put more meat, lettuce , cheese ... fill it up yummy!! Plus there easier to cook in the oven with out breaking or close up slightly.

We love Taco Night at our house and this kit serves our family well.

This is a really great kit, though I wouldn't reccommend it for a big family, I mean I can be a big eater at times, yeah I know :( Anyways they give you plenty of taco shells they are just kinda small. Still for a meal kit it ain't bad.

Quick and easy. Delicious and the entire family is happy.

Its quick and delicious! The whole family enjoys it. Even my picky eater!

This is what I grab when I'm looking for a quick meal that everyone enjoys.

Easy to prepare with some ground beef. Everything is in the kit and you can always add some of your own ingredients and toppings. The tacos really taste good and it is always handy to have this kit in your pantry if you want to make something simple and quick to prepare

Simply, quick & easy! Its also delicious!

We have this for dinner about once a week. A great value and it is all contained in one little box!

Quick, easy and taste great!! Only brand I use.

This Taco kit is great for quick meals and it's delicious, the kiddos will love it! You can make ahead also and freeze and just heat taco shells, kids can also reheat and create their own tacos, the possibilities are endless!