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  • Jls0601 By  Jls0601    


    I absolutely love how soft it made my skin feel. It doesn't leave a greasy feeling on my skin. It also smells amazing and my skin is so soft and hydrated.

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  • gillumj1 By  gillumj1    

    Winter Go To!

    With dry and itchy skin in the winter, this is my go to! Smooth, moisturizing, and smells perfect!

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  • feeshea By  feeshea    

    Ultra moisture

    I love that the the Olay ultra moisture has shea butter in it. It's nice , thick and lather well. This body wash has a soothing scent to it. The shea in it makes my skin soft. I usually buy this when it goes on sale.

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  • ashbrianda By  ashbrianda    

    love this body wash it work great and leave my skin smooth .

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  • pepsijamie By  pepsijamie    

    Great Product

    Smells great and does what it;s supposed to do. The moisturizer aspect is just ok. I have sensitive skin and I have psoriasis so my skin getting dry is really a big deal. The Olay Age Defy is awesome tho. I love Olay.

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  • Keisha_A By  Keisha_A    

    Leaves skin soft & moisturized

    Im in love with Olay especially my relatives overboard, I have to purchase in the US & ship to the UK. We all love this product, the scent, how it leaves our skin soft & moisturized, we don't even have to apply lotion after using this bodywash.

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  • busymom_28 By  busymom_28    

    Works great

    I just love the way this makes skin soft and doesn't irritate NY kids sensitive skin.

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  • anw2207 By  anw2207    

    Great product

    I love Olay body wash it makes my skin feel great.

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  • helena1207 By  helena1207    

    Love love love

    I absolutely love play products. After years of searching for something that fit my needs I discovered this! I absolutely love it. Especially the vanilla scented one. It always makes me few so fresh and it leaves me smelling so good when I get out of the shower.

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  • dgipson2 By  dgipson2    

    Soft & Silky Skin

    This works good. Leaves skin soft & silky. Great for shaving also!

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  • Zerataku By  Zerataku    

    After moving to Wisconsin in 2012, I was suffering from severely dry and itchy skin. My body just wasn't used to the environment here. I tried so many different lotions and soaps to no avail, until I found Play Ultra Moisture Body Wash. It hydrated my skin, made a noticeable difference in just two washes, and is the only soap I use now!

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  • Machelle85 By  Machelle85    

    This is one of my favorite body washes I love and makes my skin feel nices after

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  • ManicMom By  ManicMom    

    I enjoy using this product in the bathtub because it's so creamy and smells good. It's like a mini exotic spa treatment in a bottle.

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  • JustGinaJoan By  JustGinaJoan    

    This is my all time favorite body wash. Nothing compares to leaving your skin soft and hydrated. I have been using this product for many years and highly recommend it of you are looking for a body wash that helps leave your skin soft and smooth after a shower. Lovelovelove xo

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  • DeYoni By  DeYoni    

    Olay's is the ONLY body wash and beauty bar that I use. I have been using this product for the past 5 or 6yrs. I love the way that it makes the water feel like silk against my skin.

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