OXO Cherry Pitter

OXO Cherry Pitter

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My cherry pitter is very helpful when I have a lot of fruit to pit. It makes quick work of it.


this will be my next purchase i love cherrys but hate to have to take the pits out for my kids. great product.

Love, love, love the cherry pitter! It sounds like a useless thing but is a must-have. It's so simple to use and makes pitting cherries so easy and fast. I do wear gloves when using it because I still make a mess and it's hard to get cherry juice off your skin.

Great product! Makes it super easy to pit cherries or olives. My 7 year old LOVES it. Cherries taste better whole too!

This tool is awesome! It is a fast, easy way to get the pits out of the cherries for my kids! It even is great to de-pit the cherries for company as no one ever wants to be seen at a party spitting the pits out! It is easy to clean and I love that it has a splash guard. One of my favorite kitchen tools!

Cherries and olives are no match for me!!! I love how quickly you can pit them!! IN LOVE with this!!

Easy to use and clean. Now the little kids enjoy cherries too.

I love this gadget because it is the perfect way to prep cherries, olives and grapes for eating and I now use more of these food in recipes because I have an easy way to get out the pits. The tool is easy to use and takes out pits easily for safe snacking for everyone.

We love our cherry pitter. I even recently shared a review on my blog (http://www.abusymomoftwo.com/2011/08/pits.html). It is a convenient, must have tool during cherry season. The kids can now easily eat cherries. My son will sit down with a bowl of cherries and pit and eat them. So much easier than a knife or relying on them to spit out the pits. I love the way that it has a splash guard to minimize the cherry juice spatter. Storage is simplified with the way the guard can be stored inside the pitter and the pitter locked shut.

LOVE my cherry pitter!!!! Though my 4 year old is pretty good about eating around the pit, it gives me piece of mind that he won't choke. I usually do it over a paper cup for a place the pit and juice can go.

This is one of my top 3 kitchen products. It's great to pit cherries and serve them over ice cream or in the kids lunchbox. Be sure to pit them over the sink since the juice can fly!

Best invention of all time!! I got tired of slicing my cherries so my kids wouldn't have to deal with the pits. I love this pitter!

I have 2 small children who love fruit, cherries being one of them. Can you believe until I got a cherry pitter, I used to rip the cherries in half by hand and pull the seeds out. Since they ate a fair amount of cherries, this was time consuming, annoying and downright messy. I actually used to try to hide the cherries from my kids when I bought them because I didn't feel like going through all that trouble. lol. So i was happy when I finally got my cherry pitter which was very useful and a life saver. Now I can give my kids cherries to eat without worrying about the pits. This is much quicker and easier. I love it.

This is so useful for pitting cherries or olives. Using this, I can give my son cherries to eat without having to worry about the pits, or cutting it up into pieces. This is so much quicker. He can even use it, which makes him want to eat more cherries. It is sometimes a little tough if the cherry is on the hard side, and it can be a little annoying to wash, but overall, we use this every cherry season!