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  • cowboyswife By  cowboyswife    


    I love my Ninja Blender it works great. I enjoy making smoothies in my blender.

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  • jehousel By  jehousel    

    Family sized

    So what I love about the Ninja is the large capacity! It is perfect for family smoothie or milkshake night. Bonus easy to wash/clean

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  • wmsv88 By  wmsv88    

    Best Blender!

    I absolutely love my Ninja Blender. It's great for smoothies. And it makes them absolutely SMOOTH every time. No pieces of kale or chunks of peanut butter or banana like some blenders leave. It's very quick. Also a bit loud so i wouldn't suggest using it in the mornings if anyone else is asleep. It makes ALOT in one blend, but it also has the option of doing single serve "cups". Love it!

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  • Caitlin14 By  Caitlin14    

    Obsessed with this Ninja Blender!!

    I am so obsessed with my Ninja Blender system! I have had it for less than 48 hours and I couldn't be happier! It's so quick and makes the smoothest smoothies. The only con I Ould say is that it's a little loud, but that'll happen with such high speed.

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  • Chimmybell By  Chimmybell    

    This is the best blender I've used. It makes such smooth drinks. Blends ice and frozen fruit like butter.

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  • LaurenAnne By  LaurenAnne    

    I bought this blender because I absolutely love smoothies. It's a great size, I'd say you could make four full glasses in one go around. It blends very well. It doesn't leave ice chunks or leak like blenders I've had in the past have. It was a great price also!

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  • waltenja By  waltenja    

    I wanted this to make smoothies. It works pretty well but things could be smoother. I don't know how other people are mincing things but there is no way mine will do that.

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  • imstephtacular By  imstephtacular    

    Great blender! Perfect for anything from smoothies to shredding veggies for hash to baking batter. Love the pulse and level options, compared to the earlier model that didn't have as many options. Use it daily! And Ninja is great about replacing pieces if they break etc

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  • lauriejocampbell By  lauriejocampbell    

    I LOVE my Ninja!!! I use it all the time, baby food, homemade applesauce, soups, smoothies! You are only limited by your imagination!

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  • ajanke By  ajanke    

    I have a Ninja blender and I love it. I think it is a little over priced but a well made and useful kitchen tool.

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  • Cyn1983 By  Cyn1983    

    Absolutely love my ninja. I use it severl times a day. The best investment ever made. Got all the attachments and keep a look out to see when they have more.

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  • ShellM4 By  ShellM4    

    Forgot those other expensive blenders this is all you need. I purchased this through Ninja and got a bunch of extra goodies. This blends, chops, crushes, slices, mixes up all sorts of doughs for baking (hook attachment), and crushes ice amazingly. I use nothing else now. Smoothies, cookies, dips, sauces, whatever you want this makes. And did I mention makes perfect Margaritas!

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  • stephanie555 By  stephanie555    

    Got this for christmas and love love love it. Makes amazing smoothies with frozen fruit and clean up is SO easy. We purchased ours at amazon and got a great deal. Compared to our five year old cuainart from our wedding, this one is a rockstar. Hoping to try out margaritas for our friends at.superbowl.

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  • klisej64 By  klisej64    

    I got this blender for my son for Christmas. And wow have I enjoyed all his creations! The milk shakes are my favorite. It works like it says it will. It is very fast and powerful.

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  • MsRanA By  MsRanA    

    I love my ninja, it has taken the place of my blender and food processor and does better than both. It is amazing! I make and can homemade salsa with it and I was shocked at how well and quickly it mixes and chops all the ingredients. No need to shake it up or moce things around to make sure you get everything mixed.

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