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  • Egritter By  Egritter    

    I used this app for a period of time. I find the exercises are hard to do at times and you have to constantly watch the screen.

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  • Mabrahim By  Mabrahim    

    The Nike Training Club app for iPhone is a trainer, an exercise class and the secret to slimmer thighs and tighter abs. I have been using this app since May and after huffing, puffing and sweating profusedly, I always see results that I am happy with. This app is perfect for those who don't have access to a gym or can only handle a quick 30 minute however many times a week you can spare 30 minutes. The equipment used can be replaced with things around the house (I've used my carpet floors for a yoga mat, a pillow or a heavy vase as a small medicine ball or dumbbell). I love this!!

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