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  • MimiC4 By  MimiC4    

    Never again will I buy this

    I tried this product and it didn't work at all. I followed the directions and did exactly what it said to do. Sorry but to me it's a waste of money. You want a wax then let a professional do it.

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  • Melisap By  Melisap    

    I used Nair hair removal cream and I got razor bumps immediately after.

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  • ejnelson12 By  ejnelson12    

    Waste of money

    It did not work for me, and it smelled terrible. I would not use this again, it was a waste of money.

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  • jmiller1827 By  jmiller1827    

    Although Nair works, the smell is unpleasent. The other problem I find with this product is that it takes too long, apply, wait, wipe, I'd rather shave than use this again.

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  • pasionstarbutterfly By  pasionstarbutterfly    

    i love nair!!!!!

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  • ShaynaNabinger By  ShaynaNabinger    

    I tried this and I do not think I would ever try it again. Not my favorite.

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  • jaelynbeauty13 By  jaelynbeauty13    

    So bad- never able to get anything off with it!

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  • casinoqueen555 By  casinoqueen555    

    used in the past better products out there

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  • ademadr By  ademadr    

    Ladies, come on now. This wax is so bad. I learned awhile ago that if you are going to do the whole waxing thing at home it is more then worth it to spend a little extra money and get a good waxing warmer kit for home. Also, an epilator, these hurt to begin but after awhile the pain diminishes as you damage the hair root. Plus, going two weeks with getting pricklys makes life sooo much easier. Do not waste your money of the cheap ones. I too, originally tried a product similar to this and was turned away. After talking to a friend of mine at a later time she introduced me to a wax warmer and the canisters. It is expensive to start but once you get to the maintaining stage I believe it becomes one of the cheapest and longest lasting ways to stay smooth.

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  • gwanita By  gwanita    

    hated this product and it stunk real bad

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  • tracyshort By  tracyshort    

    Burns, smells bad, and I didn't like. Thought it may be easier than shaving or going in for a wax, but was disappointed.

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  • MrsLamberson By  MrsLamberson    

    Didnt like this product. It burned so bad i had to wash it off within seconds of applying it.

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  • Soldierscowgirl7 By  Soldierscowgirl7    

    Not worth it, it didn't fully work and it burned like no ones business after words. No go!

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  • shelbylynn0526 By  shelbylynn0526    

    one nair smells so gross..disgusting. two you have to use it multiple times before any hair is removed..and three its way quicker and cheaper to buy razors. wont be using this product again unless they change something about it.

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  • Dishuster By  Dishuster    

    I didn't like this. It didn't work on me.

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