NBC Parenthood

NBC Parenthood

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Best show ever This show had me weeping with each new episode!! It's such a great show with very relatable characters that are likeable and you just get so invested in their lives. If you're a fan of This Is Us and somehow managed to miss this show, I highly recommend you check it out.

This was one of my favorite shows. I was really sad when it canceled. Wish it would come back

This was my favorite show about family and relationships. My husband even watched and enjoyed it from a male perspective. Though it had an u realistic amount of drama, it was so touching. As a special educator, my only qualm was with the way Max's storyline was inconsistent. The actor was good but they kept changing his story and they did not speak correctly about disabilities but that's just television .

Just loved the show and the emotions that you felt with them, it was a very real family with their ups and downs. It made you think of their problems and solutions like in real life. It was a bummer when the show ended this past spring. I loved how they gave you a glimpse of how their lives ended up being in the future. I hated seeing the main character (Dad) die. It was an ending that was both eloquent and tastefully done. Miss them!!!!

Great show to watch and understand different styles of parenting. Definitely enjoy watching this late at night.

Really great show! I'm sad it ended but they ended it an amazing way tied up all loose ends and didn't leave you with that "what happened " moment!

I wish this series hadn't ended. It is a great family drama, and showcased a strong family that dealt with many issues that real families go through. I loved the camaraderie of the siblings and the values that were highlighted.

Don't think I have missed more than one episode since this show started. Love the characters and story lines on this show. I also love that they have a character with autism on it...it can help families relate to the struggles of every kind of family.

Parenthood is one of my favorite shows. I love how it touches on so many different family issues, but most of the time doesn't drag each thing out for too long. The characters are easily related to and loveable.

This is such a sweet show about real family. The characters are perfectly flawed. There's no marital bliss or flawless child/parent relationships. They show the modern family dynamic as it really is( ok well maybe the people involved are more attractive but none the less). The acting is wondering from all ends. I am always really impressed by the young actor who plays Max. He portrays his character beautifully and sympathetically for such a young person.

This is one of the best shows on television. The family is interesting and believable. The characters are easy to care about and root for.

This is the most realistic show on television. The actors talk over each other and give it a realistic feel. The writer don't tiptoe past awkward issues. Just an all around fantastic, realistic show.

I love this show. This is by far one of my favorites. I record this show on my DVR to be sure not to miss any episodes. What a great show to watch with your family.

This is a wonderful show, something like Brothers and Sisters but far more realistic. As a member of a relatively small family, I find big-family dynamics as fascinating as any thriller on television. While generally light-hearted, many of the show's messages hit home. It has something for everyone, because each person is someone's someone- mother/father/daughter/son/brother/sister.

Love this show! The show makes my family seem a tad bit normal! :) it's absolutely fabulous and anyone with a semi-close large family should see!