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  • sloray689 By  sloray689    

    Such a cool product

    I love these cups, they are perfect for training a child to use a regular cup instead of a sippy cup. They are fully leak proof and easier to clean than I expected. These ones are a bit small and I prefer the larger ones without handles for my son as he is now 2. These are best for children just learning to use a cup!

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  • aliciamarie3 By  aliciamarie3    

    Good training

    So much easier to clean than the plastic leakproof Gerber sippy cups we were using (with a valve). It alo teaches them to drink like you would from a "grown up" cup.

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  • curiousgirl By  curiousgirl    

    I really like these cups. So much easier to clean than the plastic leakproof Gerber sippy cups we were using (with a valve). If you disassemble all the parts or let the top part soak in the sink before you wash it, and allow to air dry completely you won't have mold issues like the Gerber sippy cups can easily have black mold spots. My 5 year old still uses these cups because she is not ready for a regular cup yet. I'm transitioning my 2 year old to these cups.

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  • Catstarbaby By  Catstarbaby    

    It?s a good bottle

    I like this brand and the 360 products. However, you have to make sure you disassemble it to clean it or your child might be drinking mildew and mold water. I loved how in the beginning my baby took to this cup really well. I just wish it was easier to clean.

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  • seashellz By  seashellz    

    I like it but there?s better

    This is very easy for toddlers to grip, mine just managed to get the top off

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  • AshKot4 By  AshKot4    

    Great sippy

    Only sippy cup we use. For a few reasons. They work well for our LO. We have limited space in our cabinets, the cups stack and all of the screw tops are interchangeable. The one con is that they are not 100% leak proof when dropped. The pros outweigh the cons for us.

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  • nahida1995 By  nahida1995    

    False advertising

    I hate the false advertising on these cups. I have bought 3 so far always thinking that there was something wrong with the one I bought. With a single drop there is water or juice all over my floors. They aren?t leak proof as they say. And my little one is smart she knows once she presses down a little on the top rubber the fluid comes out and all over my couches

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  • DandVsFamily By  DandVsFamily    

    Great in between training cup

    These are by far the best cups I have ever owned! I love how easy they are to take apart and clean and they are a fantastic cup to use in between a sippy cup and teaching your toddler how to drink from a big boy or big girl cup.

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  • Homeschoolmomma By  Homeschoolmomma    

    Best Sippy Cups Ever

    Love these cups and only wish I would have known about them for my first child. My first born struggled with transitioning from his sippy cup to a regular cup. With the 360 Trainer Cup, my daughter easily transitions to regular cups at 18 months already. What a difference. We never had issues with leaking unless she started chewing on the top while she was teething. I highly recommend these cups.

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  • SoniaSua By  SoniaSua    

    Overall a good cup

    Since buying this cup it has been our go to cup for my 11 month old son. While we really enjoy it I?d like to mention it does leak at times and can still drip even when tipped to the side.

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  • Crunchymama09 By  Crunchymama09    

    My favorite cups for my kids!

    I've used these cups with all 3 of my children. They are life savers for carpeted floor and also for car rides. Only cups I use.

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  • GIRL2014rt By  GIRL2014rt    


    I absolutely love these for my kids. They are very useful for small kids.

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  • artemisa24 By  artemisa24    

    My daughter started using it at 5 months, and she did not like it because she did not like that she could not drink from it and the flow for her was to slow.

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  • momof3nuggets By  momof3nuggets    

    Winner in our home!

    Love this cup in my home! I have 2 toddlers, a 6 week old and I just found out i'm pregnant again so we'll be using these cups for a long time. They don't spill, easy to use and wonderful for the kids. Love the color variety as well and easy to clean.

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  • Destinie By  Destinie    

    Leaks after a few washes

    I gotten this for my toddler started out good then after a few washes it started leaking every time she used it

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