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  • Sixela By  Sixela    

    Toxic Free. Scent Captivating.

    Having a toddler I was iffy on several cleaning products that I had tried due to the toxins. My younger sister instantly brought me over a ton of these cleaning products to try out. The variety of smells we have make your house smell better than cleaning and I felt so safe knowing that my kid could place food on the table after cleaning without worrying about left over film. However they are on the higher price range for cleaning supplies so I would suggest coupon as well

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  • jen82r By  jen82r    

    Good for most dishes

    Love the variety of scents and products the Meyers brand has to offer. The dish soap I'm on the fence with... It ells amazing and doesn't dry out my hands. However, those tough to wash dishes... It takes extra effort than it would with say Dawn dish soap. Meyers just doesn't cut grease in the same way. Everything else about it is amazing though.

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  • sharonrose90 By  sharonrose90    

    Dreamy scents

    Absolutely love every product I have tried from this brand. I most of all love that they aren?t toxic, but their incredible scents keep me buying their products. Love the all purpose sprays for countertops and small messes! I also use the hand and dish soaps, dryer sheets, and bathroom cleaners.

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  • DsOpinion By  DsOpinion    

    The only way to clean is with mrs meyer's!

    Love these product! Happy for the fact they are harmless and smell great!

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  • Jessme By  Jessme    

    Good product

    I bought several of these products after Christmas on clearance at Rite Aid I bought the candle, dishwashing liquid, and hand soap and they all smelled really good and worked really well. I would not pay full price for them because they are a little expensive for me but besides that I would recommend with a sale or coupon.

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  • Wildflower531 By  Wildflower531    

    Love ❣️ these products my favorite scent is lilac

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  • irisback By  irisback    

    Just great!

    Excellent cleaners. No chemicals but excellent cleaners. The scents are pleasant and natural.

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  • Bburch By  Bburch    

    The best cleaning products ive ever found. They smell great and do a good job on all my cleaning chores

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  • wel21l By  wel21l    

    Great product

    Miss Myers has great products they smell like fresh and clean are easy to use the price is really good but you get some free stuff

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  • Tonishar By  Tonishar    

    Clean and worth it

    I gave these products a try after seeing them in my local supermarket. I was glad I did as they are environmentally friendly and smell clean. I use these products at school and several of my students have asked to use them. These future consumers are very influential. I am glad I can stear them in the right direction.

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  • curiousgirl By  curiousgirl    

    Kids love it too!

    I absolutely love Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products! All the scents! Even my kids love the scents, and they actually want to wash their hands when we have Mrs. Meyers soap in the bathroom.

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  • bucketlady By  bucketlady    

    Fresh Smell

    The very first time that I smelled Mrs. Meyer's hand soap, I was hooked. I stock up on the products and enjoy all the scents.

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  • Heather1980 By  Heather1980    

    some of my favorite products.

    The Meyers products are some of my favorite products. All the scents are wonderful and the product packaging is great for sitting out on cabinets. They do the job so well. My husband loves the way it cleans also.

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  • Suzyspeaks By  Suzyspeaks    

    Summer memories

    Mrs. Myers honeysuckle dishwashing detergent is my absolute favorite scent and it does an awesome job cleaning dishes. It is also very moisturizing on my hands. Love it!

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  • Mybrandnewlife By  Mybrandnewlife    

    Meyers Home Cleaning

    I am obsessed with all of my Meyers cleaning products and the dish soap actually does cut grease. I love mopping with their floor cleaner too... Every product smells so good.

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