Mrs. Meyer's Counter Top Spray in Lavender

Mrs. Meyer's Counter Top Spray in Lavender

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Worth you?re dollar! I love this product!! It smells so damn good ! It also does it?s job very well!

I like this spray, counters or surfaces feel clean plus add the lavender scent!

I've made the switch. After having my son, using all the chemical filled cleaners really started to bug me. I feel like my house is cleaner using Mrs Meyers and I feel better knowing I'm not spreading so many harmful chemicals around my house!

A great product for that Smell Good clean! I recently started to purchase the Mrs. Meyer's brand of cleaning products. I have thoroughly enjoyed each of them not only for their cleaning abilities but their amazingly fresh smells. The lavender countertop spray is already a favorite daily use product of mine. I love the cleaning ability and the shine it leaves on my kitchen counters and the nice smell as I have already mentioned is an added bonus.

Love-endar! Love all of the Mrs. Meyer's product line, especially because of their fresh scents. The counter spray cleans granite and stove tops very well and leaves behind that amazing lavender scent.

Smells great I clean everything I can with this product. This product has a strong smell but it makes the rooms smell great. I love using this product then bleach.

This is one of the best cleaners I've used. The lavender scent strong but not overpowering; I use it as an air freshener as often as a counter cleaner.

This is without a doubt the best smelling household cleaner out there!

Mrs Meyers counter top spray Love the way this product works and smells.....not strong chemical smell. Feel safe using this around the family and especially the grandkids.

This smells sooo good! I love that the scent lasts a long time! leaves countertops very clean(: my favorite cleaning spray!

This cleans great without any sort of strong, chemical smell. I always make sure I have this on hand.

Love love love the smell of this cleaning product. And doesn't make my house smell like chemicals!

I am a big fan of this product. I love the smell of Lavender and it cleans great! Mostly use for my counter tops at home! No harsh feeling in your through as some other products seem to do to me!

Love this spray. Cleans well. I really like the Lavender scent!

LOVE this counter top spray! My favorite is the Basil one, I usually add a few bay leaves (natural ant/bug deterrent) and a capful of bleach to the bottle right off the bat since it is not disinfecting, but that doesn't stop me from loving it! Trust me though, the Basil one smells fantastic!