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  • Ariannamarie24 By  Ariannamarie24    

    Amazing eraser

    Omg, this thing is seriously a life saver!!! My daughter got ahold of markers and wrote on my walls. I tried scrubbing it with multiple products and couldn't get it off!! I used the magic eraser and it came off so easy!!!! I will definitely buy more!!!

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  • Jeanamarie By  Jeanamarie    

    Mr Clean Magic eraser are so good to use. They are the best for your tub! You don't even have to scrub too hard to clean with these.

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    I brought this for the first time Mr Clean scribing sponge is amazing I went to clean the sink and shower wow how easy was it for me to do, worked so well love it

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  • quackers50 By  quackers50    

    MAgic Eraser makes it so easy to clean so many different things from bathroom to kitchen. Love this product!

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  • Jaxmom3 By  Jaxmom3    

    New Use for my Magic Eraser

    I just used my Magic Eraser to clean my steering wheel. You would not believe the dirt that came off. I love this product.

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  • lisasam By  lisasam    

    Great Product

    Does a great job of easily and quickly eliminating scratches and marks on walls. Great for cleanups throughout the house.

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  • DsOpinion By  DsOpinion    

    You won't regret this BUY!!

    Works for so many things! Definitely a whitener and cleaner! Couldn't imagine my life without it!

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  • Mamagina42 By  Mamagina42    

    Love it!

    I use it for my tennis shoes they come out White looking brand new. I've used it on the bottom of my shower, Cleaned it beautifully. This stuff really is miracle cleaner. Love Love love

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  • Suzyspeaks By  Suzyspeaks    

    Maximum Cleaning Power

    I really like the cleaning power of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser but I hate how it disintegrates over time and makes a mess. That would be the only downside.

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  • destrea By  destrea    

    I love it!

    So great! I can use it to get out almost anything. Whenever I have a stain or mess, this is what I grab first.

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  • Nydrom1984 By  Nydrom1984    

    Great for your whole house

    These are the best and if you have kids these are a life saver! You can clean the floors, wall, anything. My floor gets dirty? I use this. If my restroom walls are dirty? DONE. So versatile and inexpensive.

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  • katrinasolano By  katrinasolano    

    The Best

    Mr. Clean magic erasers are the best for everything. I use them when cleaning the bathtub and shower and its makes the job so much easier.

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  • Ahanrahan83 By  Ahanrahan83    

    Life saver!

    Perfect product for removing crayon pr marker off a wall.

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  • Jessme By  Jessme    

    Great product

    I have been using these for years. They really get dirt off of anything. I have used them for walls, bathrooms, even sneakers.

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  • lovenlife By  lovenlife    

    Girl's best cleaning friend

    Girls best friend, my cleaning lady turned me on to this product she would ask me to pick this up for my arsnal of cleaning products. Now i know why i am cleaning my own place during these pandemic times, and i use it in the bathroom to clean everything in that room. Awesome product.

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