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  • Daisies911 By  Daisies911    

    Disney does it again

    I am a Disney fan and this movie did not disappoint! I loved the story about a princess living in modern times

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  • Ardilla By  Ardilla    

    It is a very lovely movie. My daughter loves it !

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  • LadyLocs By  LadyLocs    

    This movie is odd but in a good way. Very good family night movie.

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  • sammyh By  sammyh    

    My sisters and I loved this movie it's so adorable! Amy Adams is so perfect for this role and who doesn't love Patrick Dempsey 😍

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  • Jessi_is_me25 By  Jessi_is_me25    

    My little one loved this movie and enjoyed watching it with her it is one of those movies that makes you want to spend time together as a family

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  • rocknrollprincess22 By  rocknrollprincess22    

    Such a cute movie amy Adams was born for a role like this

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  • hollyz011 By  hollyz011    

    Great movie! Love to watch this movie, even my son likes it!

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    Such an adorable movie. I could watch it over and over...

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  • Athalis By  Athalis    

    Watch this movie so many times, great for kids and adults!!!

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  • akumm001 By  akumm001    

    Its Disney what more can I say.

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  • KelseaCole By  KelseaCole    

    One of the cutest dang movies ever. I bought it and watch it all the time!

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  • BlueJacketsGirl By  BlueJacketsGirl    

    I loved this movie. It was fun and cute for it not being all animated. It had great songs that were fun to join in singing with. My kids loved how the queen turned into a dragon at the end.

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  • denloew By  denloew    

    I love this movie; it's funny and romantic and very creative. I like how they go from animation to real life. The music is also very good!!

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  • momma4life By  momma4life    

    We really liked this movie, wholesome and my older kids loved it because of all the singing. Also great choice of actors.

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  • tarra888 By  tarra888    

    Such a cute movie! I have 3 sons and when the movie came out I had to get it for myself. They think it's a little girly of course but they will still watch it with me. Love the songs, the whole idea! Amy Adams does an amazing job bringing an animated character to life. Love to watch it! Makes me happy!

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