Motrin Children's Motrin

Motrin Children's Motrin

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Good Just go ahead and sign up for monthly shipments of this sweet nectar for the entirety of teething. You thought you would be that parent that didn?t reach for the ib profen everytime your toddler cried? You thought wrong. Whatever long term effects of giving children?s pain meds to Your kid a couple times a week could not possibly be more unhealthy than both of you losing your sanity from listening to them scream for twelve hours a day and trying to starve themselves because they refuse to eat because their teeth hurt. Just go ahead and cave. Teething is hell.

Great Product!! I used the Motrin brand for my son all the time. It helps to break down his fever and when he use to teeth, it was great for tooth aches.

Actually breaks a fever My son loves this flavor & I love it because it actually takes away his fever unlike several other ?pain relievers? that did not work. I will normally use this at night to ensure while I?m sleeping my son?s fever won?t spike up. Always reliable & my son doesn?t mind taking it. It?s a win win.

A life saver when kids aren't feeling well. I really like children's Motrin when my kids aren't feeling well- it allows them to feel so much more comfortable. However, I do prefer the kind without dye whenever possible! According to my kids, they taste the same, so why include the unnecessary dye?

Love this medication it is a life saver. When my son had fever it takes some minutes after he take this medication and it clear out.

My teen hates taking pills so she takes this when she gets a headache. We prefer the dye-free.

Great! Works well and fast. We always have product in home and can always rely on it to lower fevers.

Fast fever reducer! This Motrin works very well for bringing fever down quickly. We use it every time our son is sick.

Lifesaver This was a lifesaver for my baby's when they were not feeling great. It helped me out with a piece of mind too.the medicine was very fast acting as well and it also help them sleep so their bodies can heal.

Must have We always try to keep our medicine cabinet stocked with this to help when she gets a fever

Great Motrin is the best medicine for the whole family! Works well and fast!

This is the only medicine you need for fevers. Works fast and is safe for your children.

Works quickly and is effective Motrin is really helpful for the whole family. We have used it with success and rely on it.

Works fast Works really fast and I like that it last longer than Tylenol .

Works wonders Motrin is the go to when my kids have fevers. Really settles them down and there temp usually goes down in 30 minutes tops.