Motrin Children's Motrin

Motrin Children's Motrin

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My kids love it It?s so hard to get my kids to take medicine and this is the only fever reducer/ pain reliever I can get them to consider, I?ve trusted the Motrin brand for a long time and it kicks in super fast to give my babies the relief they need

Product works wonderfully to bring down a high fever and relieve pain. I always have this in my medicine cabinet.

still my go to brand This is still my go to pain reliever and fever reducer. I used this for my daughter years ago. It worked so good then and it still works now. I trust this brand more than any other brand. My doctor and nurse practitioner recommended this brand to use for my daughter in 2003. I still choose this brand today for my nephew. I would recommend this to anyone with children.

Fast acting My children are much older now, BUT without Motrin as a baby and child we wouldn?t have made it through some of those sick night. Fast acting and safe for them!

life saver life saver to help with pain and not having to worry about swallowing pills. Good taste

Great product for sickness I have been using Motrin for the last 12 years. This is the only product, I use when my kids are sick. It works well. It helps them with pain, flu, and body aches.

great for little ones this is a staple in my house for my son/ he runs fever alot and this every 4 hours does my son so good and less vist to doctors

Household staple for any young child mom Great with ear infections/alleviate ear pain & fever. Bubble gum was the favorite flavor in our house

I've used this product for awhile now. It works good for my littles. Definitely recommend!!

Great Products I have been using this product for years and its one of the products/company I trust.

My go to! This has always been my go to medicine for my daughter. It tastes good enough that she doesn't mind taking it and does a good job bringing the fever down.

Highly recommend When my kids is not feeling good this is my go to brand medicine it usually helps them with relief in just a few hours

Definitely Recommended!! I always count on this to relieve my child's pain from immunizations or teething. It works well and my child takes it easily.

Fever reducer/pain reliever Seems only Motrin can help with my kids fevers. Tylenol just does work for my kiddos.

Better then competing brands! Works the best for my 2 year old when teething compared to Tylenol! Lasts longer & great tasting! He always thinks he's getting a treat when he get it & asks for more! Starts feeling better pretty quickly!