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Don't miss this one I'm glad this magazine celebrates strong powerful women it's nice to see that provides lots of good reads I'd recommend this to women of all all ages

Just started receiving this subscription and I like it. Great for mature women. Love the helpful beauty tips, and recipes.

I am not in More Magazine's demographic but I can't get enough of their content. They actually have articles that are relatable to everyday women, realistic styling advice and interesting interviews with their monthly cover person.

Though I am not yet in my 40's (the age group this magazine is aimed at), I love to read it. I like that it approaches various subjects from a quieter, less reactive manner and doesn't seem more like a tabloid than a respectable magazine. I am 34 and much of what I read in MORE is easily applied to my life. I do wish it spent more space on health and beauty and less on celebrity interviews though. I also frequent their web page. It's a great source to find books that I would be interested in reading.

Great magazine!!

I've received More magazine since the first issue came out and it's one of the few mags I read cover-to-cover. It's age-appropriate for such a wide range of us! The recipes are fabulous and the beauty tips most helpful. Love seeing that there are so many of us who actually embrace our maturity and life-experience! I actually chose not to renew a couple of other magazines that I've received for years because More has it all!

This is a magazine I actually read every month and often save for months. The content is not just for maturing babes. More has helpful information, like when you read about beauty product there is also info regarding plastic surgery options. The food and cooking section is like a mini-vacation, taking you somewhere and then teaching you about the regional fare or what the bistro is known for. The clothes tend to be pricier than my Target 75% off togs, but I love seeing the ensembles. I recommend More to all my friends and often take my old issues to share with waiting rooms.