Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

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It?s Okay The Moby Wrap is okay. It's annoying having to find tutorials on how to wrap it and then getting the technique down, only to have your baby slowly slip into the wrap as you go about your day. I only used this a few times and then I switched to a harness.

The moby wrap can be complicated to wear until you get the hang of it. Once you understand the different ways to wear baby and wrap (what feels like 30 yards of material) around, this will become a favorite wrap to use! While I love this wrap, the amount of fabric doesn't make it the easiest wrap to use, and I don't recommend it in the summer heat because it's just too hot.

I LOVE this product and always recommend to other parents! It's a super super comfy carrier for both baby and mama!

Great once after the learning curve A little tricky to master but once I did my baby loved it. She would go to sleep right away in this and I had my hands free to get things done around the house.

The Moby is the best thing to carry your baby and have it secure to your body and lets the baby feel comfortable. It is also not hard on your back. For nursing moms gives you some privacy also. I give one to every mother at her baby shower love this gift.

Hated this product. In fact, I took it back after one use. I am a pretty busty female (specially during the breastfeeding time) and I felt like I was going to smoother my child to death by my boobs. The Ergobaby products were way better, plus they came with pockets.

Initially, I was scared to use the Moby wrap. My sister in law had told me how complicated it was. Once I read the instructions carefully and followed each step, it only took a couple tries to fall in love. I always felt our daughter was secure in the moby wrap. I knew I could loosen and tighten to my comfort level and my husband could wear it however he wanted as well. Our daughter loved being close to us and we think it really facilitated her willingness to be in other carriers and backpacks later on.

Loved Love mine.. It comes in handy & is a lifesaver for us my daughter will only sleep if being held.. I also love that you can wrap it in many different ways..

I really enjoy my Moby wrap. My daughter was one of those newborns who only slept during the day if she was being held so this was a lifesaver! There is definitely a learning curve to it but once I got the hang of it I could wrap it around myself and slip my daughter in within a couple of minutes. We even used our Moby when we took our daughter (then 2 months old) to a baseball game and it allowed her to sleep the majority of the game and me to have my hands free.

When i had my daughter i received one as a gift. I researched it, saw videos and thought "No way! Too hard to manage." But when i had her, i could not be away from her for more than a minute without her crying. I again went online to search videos of the Moby. I tried the Kangaroo and it saved both of us. She would fall asleep and I could do all my chores and activities without putting her down. It was so comfy. I learned several other holds and used them as she grew. 2 years later, when i had my son, he went straight to the Moby. No tears from him and i could chase my daughter. I am 5'0" and i wrapped the tails around a second turn. Made my back feel strong and tucked my newly post-partum belly in. I loved it, my babies loved it and everyone around me enjoyed the peaceful quietness of my sleeping babies.

Compicated Bought this product for my one month old 8 pounds, 20 inches long. She seemed to overheat in this and fussed a lot when in it. The wrap required me to watch a YouTube video on how to use it about 8 times before I felt conform able with it. It has a lot of fabric and I can not see anyone using this outside of the house as it is too much fabric.

I did not like this at all! It's complicated to use and huge! It made both my baby and I way to hot so all he did was cry.

I love my Moby Wrap! I used this up until my daughter was two years old. When she was tiny I could wrap her up and she would be close to me for comfort. As she got a bit bigger, I could still wrap her up and not worry about what she was getting into while I was trying to get things done.

I did not like this carrier. It was extremely difficult to use and took too much time to get my child securely adjusted into the carrier. Then, I often got too hot carrying my child because of the amount of fabric wrapped around me and it would loosen as I wore it, needing to be constantly re-adjusted. I also did not like how I had to take off the entire thing every time I took my child out of it because it would then need to be entirely redone when I put my child back in it.

I love the idea of this product. I just wish it was easier to put on. I also feel that it works better for someone of a smaller stature. I am a size 14 and felt that if I tied it around twice i didnt have enough to tie in the front and if I tied it just in the back I didnt have enough support to hold the baby.