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  • shwetajhawar By  shwetajhawar    

    Review for Minimalist's niacinamide 10%+zinc serum

    I was honestly shocked! I have personally dealt with hyperpigmentation all my life although I'm just 21! You can say that genetics has played a major role in this situation of mine. Along with my skin being extremely sensitive, I have always had darkness around my mouth and slight darkness on my forehead compared to the rest of my face. I have tried a lot of home remedies such as using fresh aloe vera gel every day on my face in the morning, applying curd etc and over the years my it's safe to say that my problem reduced but there was still a lot of darkness around my mouth. I got my hands on this serum and I used it day and night, pretty religiously. Packaging- The serum comes in a classy black box. The glass bottle also comes with a dropper which controls the amount of serum that comes out which I think is great. My experience- The serum is very light-weight, non-sticky and gets instantly absorbed in the skin leaving a glow. It does not have any fragrance and I didn?t feel any tingling sensations. (I have very sensitive skin) Overall Verdict- The serum has a very lightweight formula and you can even use makeup on top of it. It instantly absorbs into your skin and gives a very healthy glow. You can barely feel you've put anything on your face. One thing that I would suggest is to use the serum religiously so that you can see the results yourself. My problem with hyperpigmentation has reduced by 90% and it was actually shocking. There are a lot of different serums in this range which cater to different skin issues. And as the serums are based on clean beauty and are so affordable, it is just the perfect choice for me. I highly recommend everyone to try this product out!

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