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  • koolklawz By  koolklawz    

    Affordable full coverage foundation...

    This is a surprisingly good drugstore foundation. It provides full coverage and decent wear time. It is a bit lacking in the shade range, but I do see them add new ones once in a while. Hopefully they continue. I like the performance and that it?s cruelty free.

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  • Ambarlabata23 By  Ambarlabata23    

    Fondation milani

    Of all the bases that I have tried, I like this one because of how light it feels, how good the finish is and because it corrects well the imperfections that I have, besides that it does not leave a heavy effect on your face I like it very much it accommodates very good at the price

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  • Modestbeautymom By  Modestbeautymom    

    Great value!!

    Excellent product. Not heavy or cakey, long lasting as well as light weight. Will definitely purchase again! I enjoyed it as a combo skin customer, might not be as positive if oily skin.

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  • MariaReviewsAll By  MariaReviewsAll    

    Good if you're going light

    Got this for a very reasonable price. I don't love a foundation that is heavy, and this one definitely feels light on the face. It's not extremely dense and covers only minimal blemishes so if you want to cover up a lot, this is not the foundation for you. But if you want something light for the right price, this is perfect for you!

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  • Aprilnlayton26 By  Aprilnlayton26    

    I love this foundation BUT it made me breakout. I have sensitive skin anyways. The coverage is AMAZING. I wish i could wear it without worry.

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  • bbhyolie By  bbhyolie    

    Amazing affordable foundation

    This is such an amazing full coverage foundation. Very affordable and accessible at the drugstore. Super full coverage and has an amazing finish and lasts so well on your face.

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  • MoxieLady53 By  MoxieLady53    

    Drugstore that preforms like luxury beauty!

    I ran out of my MAC foundation so I was in a quick pinch to pick up something in my price range. I was in my local Walmart beauty section and I came across this AWESOME foundation! I personally hate using extra concealer on my face because it ends up looking cakey, and with this concealer isn't necessary. It really stays true to the name, 'Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1'. I have a dry skin type and most full coverage foundations rarely hit the mark for me, but this one took me by surprise. It blends into my skin beautifully. I also know for a fact it works for oilier skin types, I've used it on my friends with oil control problems and it work magically for them as well. The price point is incredible too. I honestly like it better than my luxury foundations. I promise you wont be disappointed. The only con that I have is the shade exclusivity. I'd like to see a broader color range, because lets get real, there isn't only ten shades in this world! I'd like to see Milani embrace a larger shade range for all the beautiful skin tones in our world.

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  • NJLeon By  NJLeon    

    Dose the Milani Conceal & Perfect Really Work?

    We've all seen this in several drugstores, right? I really do love this product, the foundation fits my skin tone perfectly, since I have a yellow undertone. Also this product is okay for my skin type, which is dry! But one problem is that this product seems to be meant for others with dry/oily. If you have dry skin like me, you certainty can use this because it doesn't dry out my skin to much, just a tad bit (you really don't notice it). I'm really not sure about people with oily skin, this may do some funky stuff to your fabulous skin, but i'm not sure of it! The best part is Milani Conceal & Perfect, is a reasonable price, which is $10.00, YAYA! I do recommend buying this product, if you want something affordable, also pretty nice for the skin! Thank you so much for reading my review of the Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer! ~Natalia L. Link to product:

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  • Norbeem By  Norbeem    


    I really like this foundation for when I do a glam makeup but not for a natural finish. This is a medium to full coverage and looks a bit cakey if applied too much. I like this foundation overall.

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  • Vampirezamakeup1383 By  Vampirezamakeup1383    

    Like it Milani Conceal + perfect in 1 Foundation

    I like very much quite liquid Foundation is is to apply it with a sponge, it fascinates me as it leaves my face when I wear it, it is quite copulating and lasting. Is medium o full coverage I functions perfect in oil skin or combination

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  • julena20 By  julena20    


    Love! Love! Love! This was a little too dry in the beginning but this is amazing with just a little drop of argan oil mix it and apply on your face and this foundation is amazing i have dry skin so that why i use argan oil to make it work

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  • BeccaAlvi By  BeccaAlvi    

    Not for me!

    I did not like this product at all, it was very dewy and oily for my skin. I would definitely recommend this if you have dry skin, but if you have oily skin like me then I would not recommend it at all. It is very thick and sticky!

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  • darlingfirst By  darlingfirst    

    Wishful Thinking

    This is a certified YouTube made me buy it product...I saw a review online and thought I'd give it a try. First and foremost I want to say that Milani has some of the greatest products in the Drug-Store beauty line up...but for ME...this product was a fail. 1) Color Offerings, most of the colors are for more olive/tan skinstones. The lightest shade looked very orange on me. 2) I have acne prone skin and tend to oil up on my the end of the day I looked like a greasy mess. Note...I set my foundation with a powder of my choice...whether it be Laura Mercier, or Wet N' Wild...I still got the same after effects. Even though the product didn't work for me one thing I have to say is that the coverage and finish is beautiful. This would work great for normal to dry skin...and tan beauties out there.

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  • Angelinaxoxo By  Angelinaxoxo    

    Love it!

    I'm usually not a fan of drugstore foundations I've never had much luck with them they are either to watery or too dry and patchy looking on my skin, but this foundation after I heard good reviews about it I had to get it and so I did as soon as I put it on my face I knew instantly I loved it , it goes on very smooth and very blendable. I got it in shade 06 sand beige and it was a good match. It gives you a good coverage and yet looks like your own skin like you just have flawless skin it just looks very beautiful.

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