Members Mark Premium Baby Wipes

Members Mark Premium Baby Wipes

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great price Great wipes for half the price of other brands. I highly recommend them! We've never had any issues with them and they get the job done.

Good quality, great price Go through a LOT of wipes on my bed-bound Dad. Tried the Members Mark after getting a membership to Sam's Club. They are thinner than some other brand, but since I use them on an adult I like the overall size, and they hold up. The price is best I've found, even over the big boxes I was buying from Walmart before. The scents are nice and not to strong. Quality I would give 4 stars, but price I would give 6 starts, so overall we'll average to 5.

Excellent wipes for a great price Very convenient wipes that will help you stock up, with less trips to the store. Highly recommend these wipes. Affordable and useful. I esp love these wipes because they a semi thick and don't tear easily like some of the cheaper wipes.

Get the job done These wipes are nice and thick and get the job done, but are often hard to pull out the package as they are stuck together.

Just alright. I'm on the line about Sams Club wipes. We just recently purchased our first box and I was pleased with the price but not so pleased with much else! It's hard to get the wipes out, they stick together. My son also seems to be sensitive to these wipes and gets a red butt when using them at times.

Separation Issues We were graciously given these wipes as a gift and have every intent to use all of them. They wipe as good as any wipe, but when pulling them out of the package they do not separate easily and are not convenient to use. I would not recommend these wipes or purchase them myself.

Work fine Nothing special. They don't rip quite as easy as Huggies wipes do, they're simply just wipes! I have no real complaints.

Decent for the price These are the store brand wipes for Sam's Club. They come in a big box and have 10 packs of 100 wipes each in the box. The wipes are cheap. Which is why I bought them. However, if you are used to using a big brand name like Huggies wipes, you will find that these wipes feel thin and flimsy. They have held out for what I needed so far. They have not torn or broken. Quality feels decent, despite the thinness of the wipes. When we run out of these wipes, we will probably try a Costco Kirkland wipe, but if I didn't have a Costco card, I would probably buy these again.