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  • Samples4Rosa By  Samples4Rosa    

    Good Mascara

    I can't believe this mascara is still on the market. I remember this to be my first mascara. It is affordable depending on where you buy it. It is simple and the wand is not too big. It applies nicely.

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  • babees2619 By  babees2619    


    I?ve been using this for years yes there are better ones but it a good go to work mascara.

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  • EricaD By  EricaD    

    A classic, but not my favorite.

    I know everyone swears by this one and it's a classic, bit it just doesn't work well for me. I find it either clumps or doesn't separate my lashes well. There's just nothing special about it.

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Maybelline New York Great Lash mascara is the classic and lasts for a reason! It works well.

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  • FurBabies By  FurBabies    

    Greatest Mascara Ever!

    Best mascara then, and still going strong! Wins many beauty awards. The wand is the perfect size and shape to get the desired look you want. Does not clump. Comes in all colors. Very inexpensive and easy to find. All these new mascaras coming out on the market cannot hold a candle! Thank you Maybelline for not fixing what ain?t broke!

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  • klassic By  klassic    

    Overall Good

    I have used this product several times. It goes on fine on my upper eyelashes. My concern always with every mascara is my lower lashes. This went on quite thick and clumped a little bit. But overall a good mascara for the price.

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  • saintdeb2 By  saintdeb2    

    Maybelline Mascara

    This has been my go to mascara for many years. I have recommended this to many friends and in turn have purchased it and also agree what a wonderful product it really is. I will continue to recommend it to many others that may ask my opinion. Never had anyone who did not like it. Just a great product!

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  • Lilmissfox By  Lilmissfox    

    Oldie but goody

    This stuff has been around forever, It seems like my grandma used to use it. Even though it?s been around forever I still think the original formula it has been sticking with it is working. Many people use it many people like it I do think that they should upgrade on their brush though

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  • kaybkay By  kaybkay    

    One of the Best Mascaras

    Maybelline mascara is one of my very favorite brands. I have used it for many years. Easy to apply and stays on till I take it off.

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  • MorgieStar01 By  MorgieStar01    

    Love it!

    this is one of my favorite mascaras! the brush isn't too big and it doesn't make your lashes clumpy!

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  • jannat By  jannat    

    A Mascara You Need

    when I say that you need this mascara then I mean it! I have very little lashes and finding a mascara that makes them visible is HARD. but this mascara doesn't only make them visible but also make them lusciously long

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  • ronikala By  ronikala    


    My go-to mascara...used it for years!! It does not clump and is very easy to apply.

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  • brandynicole79 By  brandynicole79    

    Old but good!!!

    I LOVE my Maybelline New York Great Lash mascara!! I?ve been using it sporadically over the past 20yrs at least!!

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  • shonvic1981 By  shonvic1981    

    Glide on Easy

    I purchased the Maybelline New York Great Lash Mascara and love the applicator. I love it adds length to my eyelashes and glide on easy. I would recomend to family and friends.

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  • darlamathews By  darlamathews    

    Good quality mascara at a reasonable price

    One of the best mascaras that I have ever used. I wear contacts and this is does not bother my eyes with fallout like a lot of the other mascaras do.

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