Maybelline Master Fix Setting & Perfecting Powder

Maybelline Master Fix Setting & Perfecting Powder

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Not that great on my skin I am not a big fan of this setting powder. It goes on nicely and smooths things out but after a few hours it seems that my foundation was cakey. I have tried this several times with different foundations and I get the same result. I have oily skin, maybe it would work better on someone with different skin types.

Inexpensive and great Favorite drugstore powder to use when I have an oily face during the hot months. Super inexpensive and it works great and mattifies my face. I have dry skin during the cold months so I avoid using this powder since it does leave me looking a little patchy. If you have oily skin then this is perfect and great for everyday use. Its never gave me flashback but does leave a bit of a white cast.

Not for Dry Skin Great alternative for expensive powder but it is not made for dry skin, it will show your imperfections.

Not so good powder Not a fan of this powder, makes my under eyes super drying, the powder is finely milled but that's the only plus. It gives you major flashback. And it leaves a white cast on your underage when you try to brush the excess away.

Great for price Saw so many youtube makeup gurus use setting powder, so I bought this as my first one. When applied properly it makes m skin look so smooth. I tend to get oily skin and this somehow curbed that. Would buy again.

Love love love it This product has a great formula. I can use it to set my face and to bake and it is just amazing. It?s not hard on your face and you don?t see any creases after. I had a setting powder that cost 3 times more than this one and it really doesn?t make justice. Totally recommend it.

No Ash Baby! I was so skeptical to try this powder because it it is sooo white and well, Im not. But alas! It did not give me any flashback, no ash, no how my hands look in winter no matter how much I moisturize vibes. Absolutely love it. I love the price even more

Not sure if this powder does a whole lot. It definitely gives a natural finish because I can never tell that I've put it on. It may help slightly, but I didn't really see any additional mattifying of my makeup or extra long hold throughout the day. Plus if the product somehow gets flipped upside down in your drawer, it all surfaces in the container and every time you open it from then on is a big powdery mess.

Have purchased this setting powder more than once and its one of my favorite drug store brands. feel like it really keeps my make up in place all day without being too powderey.

Prevents flashback when I was searching for a good loose powder for not breaking the bank I found this one and I absolutely hit the jackpot. I can bake with this and it not look cakey or look like its patchy. It is also a perfect to put underneath your foundation in order to avoid oily makeup look. It also works on every skin tone, because it definitely was a hit on my clients. Also if worried about flashbacks when taking pictures, i would advice you to not worry about it with this in hand.

Good to keep you matte Its a good powder but doesn't prevent creasing under the eye like my other powders do. It sets in my lines after many hours of wear. The only good thing is it keeps my oily skin matte for the majority of the day.

Best Drugstore Setting Powder ADORE!! I have oily skin and this helps keep my face matte all day and on top of makeup it keeps it put after long hours of work. You can use this to bake your under eyes and contour, there are many ways to use it. If you have oily skin or combo skin I recommend this for you!

its alright This product just isn't for me because i have dry skin this just makes it look way drier but it may work for others. i would recommend to someone without dry skin.

Maybelline Grabbed this hoping for a semi dupe for the Laura Mercier powder and was pretty pleasantly surprised. It is super fine and loose. It does have a tendency to leave a white film on the skin if I apply with my normal powder brush. However I started applying it with the eco tools beauty blender and don't find it to be an issue with that.I think when applied correctly it is really beautiful on the skin. It doesn't keep me matte as long as the Laura Mercier but it serves its purpose and I use it on the weekends when running errands or whatever to make my LM powder last longer.