Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation

Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation

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It looks great when you first apply it but as the day goes on it separates and creases. If you have oily skin you will look like a giant grease ball at the end of the day.

this says shine free but it most certainly is not. i wore this and got very shiny. the shade selection isnt the greatest either. this was my first time trying a stick foundation i wanted something i could touch up on the go but this faded after a few hours i felt as if i had to do my whole face all over again.

Greasy feeling Not a bad product, but awful for oily skin. It has okay coverage, and it's convenient and affordable. However, I have pretty dry skin and it left my skin feeling very greasy and gross. I looked like an oily mess and it didn't last very long. I would not recommend this to many people and I would not repurchase.

Not so great as a full face foundation BUT I totally recommend for a cream highlight & contour!! The packaging makes it sooooo easy for that! :)

Not for oily skin. This clung to my skin and only made my skin breakout.

I do like this product. Fit me products in general are perfect for an everyday look. Foundation sticks are nice, I personally prefer liquid foundation because I think it lasts longer.

Product did not cover well enough. Unable to determine from product description the degree of coverage.

Super easy to throw on. I use this when I am running late. I run a few lines and blend it in with a brush. It does not give full coverage but just enough to cover and redness. It is a good price too. You would think that it would not last long, but I get a couple months worth out of it.

I like this product but in my opinion it doesn't cover very well unless you get a darker shade of skin tone.


Love this color on me ...

I expected something completely different when I bough the Fit Me stick. I mainly use it as a concealer because it's good for covering up acne spots. I have a generally oily complexion and the Fit Me stick didn't prevent my face from being oily, which is what I assumed "shine-free" meant.

Personally, I liked the product. The foundation stick was portable and convenient. A few swipes and it provided a nice even coverage. Definitely not a product for those with bad skin or who tend to need heavy coverage. This is more a nice, light foundation that applies like a cream, but dries like a powder.

This foundation is ok. I love the liquid foundation,the concealer and the powder. This just did not work for me!. I found it very oily and not very much coverage at all! I am still trying it out but I might just get rid of it because i do not think I should take up the space with it.:( I wish I liked it but every time I wear it I just do not like how it looks:(

Packageing is nice and convient but I'm not too crazy about the product. I have really shiny skin and it worked to conceal that. I'd say the only down part of the product is that it doesn't last, and the only postive thing about the product is the shine control.