Matrix Biolage Aqua-immersion Creme Masque

Matrix Biolage Aqua-immersion Creme Masque

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Great product Biolage never fails . I enjoy there cowashes and conditioning treatments the most . My hair always feels soft, clean and manageable after using their collection.

Amazing product I love this hair mask smell. I need this to come in gallon size! My hair is color treated and it tends to get a bit dried out. I also have city water with chorine in it and that adds extra stress on my hair as well. I leave the deep treatment on for about an hour. While I am just sitting there doing nothing anyways. A little actually goes a long ways.

This is my go too. I cant live without this stuff. I have long think color treated hair & my hair loves it, its like magic!!

I absolutely love this product. It makes my natural hair beautiful, keep my frizz away.

I used to really like Biolage products. Since I started using products that contain aragon oil nothing seems as good. Not a fan of biolage or this product. I tend to have really dry hair and need a serious conditioner. This one just doesn't do it.

great if you have dry hair, it helps a lot

I found this product to enhance my hair. My hair tends to be unmanagable and tangles. I use a blow dry quite often. This product really moisturized my hair. It did not weigh it down or leave it gumy feeling. I loved the scent. I always kept Matrix Biolage products on hand.

I have been using Biolage products for years (over 8 to be precise) and they never cease to amaze me. This masque is a perfect staple for any girl's rescue hair kit. It gives my hair shine, makes it smooth and easy to style, and I do get compliments on perfect my tresses look. I turned several of my girlfriends on Biolage, from my personal experience they DO care a lot about meeting their consumers expectations, once again, this masque is a must! It does provide you with deep moisture and you still can use it even if your hair is not overly dry, just to give it a lift and some hydration. Ah! Before I forget, it is quite cost effective too, you can purchase for less than 20 bucks! And a little goes long way!

This is a great product, especially if you have dry hair and shampoo daily or often. I have dry, curly hair and have been using it every other day. It's helped to keep my hair moisturized, reduced frizz and kept it smelling great.

My hair is long, wavy, thick and dry. I sometimes use this masque instead of regular conditioner. I can't say it leaves my hair frizz free, but it does calm my hair down and evens out my waves. I would recommend leaving it on longer than 3-5 minutes if your hair is very long and/or dry.

i absolutely love this stuff!!! it smells fabulous and leaves my hair so soft and manageable without weighing it down. works great in humid weather too, keeps the frizz under control.

I used this product along with the hydrating shampoo.. I was literally in awe of my hair once it was all dry! No more frizz.. scent was good and product easy to use.

i absolutely love this stuff!!! it smells fabulous and leaves my hair so soft and manageable without weighing it down. works great in humid weather too, keeps the frizz under control.

i enjoyed this product so much. I picked up the product from a local salon in NYC with no problems. Got home and couldn't wait to try it I remember the stylist at he salon told me o be careful since i had thinning hair that it might weight my hair but nothing was farther from the truth it kept my hair soft shiny and smooth. would love to try the rest of the line!!!

I loved this product. It made my hair super soft and smooth without making it too flat or weighing it down. I also loved the scent.