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  • KasperGrl By  KasperGrl    

    A favorite!

    This is my favorite fashion magazine! I love looking at the beautifully photographed pictures.

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  • lickysplitnik By  lickysplitnik    

    Right magazine kind of overpriced but you can find great beauty secrets in this magazine

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  • princess51 By  princess51    

    fun to read!

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  • MyEmptyCanvas By  MyEmptyCanvas    

    An okay magazine. This is one of the ones I usually end up reading last when going through my stack of magazines to read. It could be better, but it's still interesting.

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  • Baileygirl43 By  Baileygirl43    

    Not that interesting.

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  • adithibajaj By  adithibajaj    

    I subscribe this magazine. I am not a huge fan of this as I get to see more ads than the articles. There are a few contests you can enter which I like. Some editions have good articles and some educative and entertaining stuff. I like it just to pass time.

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  • drewzmom By  drewzmom    

    Pretty good...I can be hit or miss...has gotten better...often has good articles...don't like the project runway tie in mostly because project runway has deteriorated since moving to lifetime tv

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  • carrlynmichael By  carrlynmichael    

    Even though I am a mother of two and over 30, I still enjoy this magazine. I like the articles and keep up on the fashions.

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  • gatagangsta By  gatagangsta    

    This magazine is okay. I like fashion magazines but this one doesn't have many interesting articles and most of the things are way too expensive. I currently have a subscription but I won't be renewing when it expires.

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  • NFritze By  NFritze    

    This magazine was great when it first came out, it spoke about women's issues around the world and was different than other fashion and beauty magazines. They must have gotten a new editor within the last 6 years because it became like all the rest, the layout of the magazine changed, the content is all about looking younger, looking thinner, and being sexy enough for your man. There was a very noticeable change and I never renewed my subscription.

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  • AlwaysForever By  AlwaysForever    

    A pretty/smart magazine.

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  • KMaureen By  KMaureen    

    An enjoyable and light read, perfect with a bubble bath and some chocolate after a long day. Marie Claire offers a variety of advice covering make-up, sex, relationships and career. Personally I prefer Glamour magazine as it seems to have mor useful and practical advice in it.

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  • nataliya By  nataliya    

    They always have great, informative and inspiring articles/stories. I usually read this magazine front to back in just 3 days.

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  • Myqst4faith By  Myqst4faith    

    My all time favorite mag. They are very centered with their fashion tips. THey are also very up to date. They make it their job to be informed and to inform the readers well. They dispatch bad fashion rumors and teach you to make fashion practical to your every day life. They live in inspiration. I am dying to own this mag. Due to prices though, it is not in the budget!!

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  • ainnemc By  ainnemc    

    This magazine is ok, but with all the competition with magz like Cosmo, Lucky and Allure, this one does not do enough for me to pay for a subscription.

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