Mam Night Pacifier

Mam Night Pacifier

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Easy to Find at Night Mam pacifiers were the only pacifiers my baby took. They are safe for teething and come in many different colors and patterns as well as different nipple types. The night ones glow in the dark which make it super easy for you and baby to find the pacifier at night. I recommend any glow in the dark pacifiers.

Love the glow in the dark! Our son accepted pretty much any pacifier when he was first born, but he started to be a little pickier when it was time for him to move to the 6+ month size. After trying about three different kinds, he decided he would only use the 6+ month Mam pacifiers. When I was looking for them online, I ordered the glow in the dark type for fun. I didn't really think about how extremely helpful that would be - no more feeling around the crib hoping that he hadn't thrown the pacifier and you'd have to go searching on the floor. Will definitely buy more when we need them.

The best hands down My daughter went through several types of pacifiers and this one won out. It?s fantastic. Has great suction. Comes in different sizes as they age. The night time ones are great too for when you try to look for them in the dark.

Loved it, used it all the time. she would feel for it and then she would put in herself and it was easy to win off.

My Daughters Favorite and All we use now My daughters favorite pacifier, she won't take anything else to sleep. Luckily my daughter doesn't wake up immediately if she loses her pacifier but this means that it could be anywhere when she does wake up. Locating it is much easier with the glow in the dark option. I went back and bought her 10 of them. We are never without a mam pacifier just in case. They also supply a sterile container to keep them in while not in use, As we are always loosing the pacifiers having a case to return them to helps us track them.