Magna-Tiles Translucent Colors set

Magna-Tiles Translucent Colors set

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Entertain The Grands I have a couple sets of the Magna-Tiles and my Grands love them. They look forward to them. I made a deal with my daughters that they wouldn't buy them, so they only have them at my house. It works out great for all.

Engaging! Such an engaging, creative, open-ended STEM toy! Fun to shine a flashlight through, too. Keeps kids busy for hours!

Perfect gift for whole family These have kept all.of us busy and having fun for hours. Highly recommend for adults as well

Fabulous imaginative fun! My grandchildren absolutely love playing with Magna tiles. I like playing with them also. There's just something very addictive about the click of magnets joining together.

Our favorite way to build This is my favorite gift to give. My kids range in age from 3-8 and all love building with magna tiles. The pieces are a great size so I don?t worry about choking and they are able to design their builds so many ways. These are our favorite!

One of our favorite toys! Hands down one of our favorite toys! My kids have loved Magnatiles for years. The play value is endless. Well worth the investment of several sets.

Excellent, long lasting toy These are the best toy we have had. We have 3 sets now, and the kids love them just as much as they did when we bought them. We've owned them for over 5 years now. I love how its never-ending play and it grows with the child. We love seeing what new things we can come up with and build. Great quality, none of ours have broken and they've been thrown around a lot.

Best motor skill toy ever! These Magna tiles are a great educational and fun toy for all children. They are sturdy, and are a great tool to develop children's small motor skills, patience and imagination. Played within a group, they teach collaboration, sharing and patience. I used them with my child as well as my pre-K classes for several years and they were always the 1st bin the children went to.

Trinn Wow! What can I say! I am blow away, I mean truly impressed by this item. You will not be let down once you give this a go! You will be thanking me You tried ! Great!!! Follow for follow back!

One of our favorite building toys! We've had MagnaTiles for years! Both of my boys love building and I love that there are so many possibilities for them to be creative. They are a must in any playroom!

We love these tiles in our house! These are so fun to play and build with + they are such an easy cleanup! We always pack a bunch for traveling on the road or for hotels. they take up very little space because they stick to each other.

Fun, but gets old I remember having thee when i was young, the only problem with them is that the shapes limit your creativity

great product for kids Hi I saw this toy , and looks amazing for little and growing brain, i really want to get this for my kids, and make their brain grow with super amaxzing imagination.

Better than legos! My kids loved these! Easy to pack away and store as well!