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  • alyssa_c_123 By  alyssa_c_123    

    Not a huge fan, especially for over night. These aren't nearly as absorbent as other brands, but the price is great. When we were gifted these at our baby shower, we used them for daytime and frequent changes without issue. These sag really bad with just a small amount of waste in them. I think for the price, there are better options.

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  • LDBeckner By  LDBeckner    

    the only diapers i used to my kids. other brands made their skin break out or leaked really bad.

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  • Eureka00 By  Eureka00    

    Best diapers

    Best diapers available. Do not leak like Pampers and Hugs.

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  • MommyWealth By  MommyWealth    

    My love/hate relationship with LUVs diapers

    So, this brand and I have a love/hate relationship. My son recently had a bad diaper rash that just never seemed to go away. I tried creams from the doctors, purchased over 12 brands of creams, tried home remedies and nothing seemed to work. So, I began changing the diapers I was using. I went from Pampers Swaddlers to Pampers baby dry, then Huggies and finally, LUVs. After changing his first diaper once I switched to LUVs I could already see improvement. After all that I tried to get rid of his rash LUVs diapers is what done the trick. So, that is where my love for LUVs began. Now, for what I very strongly dislike about LUVs is nearly every single diaper if left on longer than an hour or two tops, it will be falling apart and all that nasty mushy stuff gets everywhere. So, I end up having to change my children every single hour-2 hours and if I don't I have a nasty mess to clean up. So, there is some good with this brand, however, there is also bad.

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  • Cherice By  Cherice    

    Okay for newborns but had problems with leakage.

    For newborns these diapers worked out fine, but as my little one got older the diapers did not do well. She was constantly getting soaked from the diapers leaking and it got to the point that we had to switch to another brand.

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  • Ktekurio07 By  Ktekurio07    

    Great Diapers

    These worked great for us, especially overnight! Had no problems with rashes or leaks.

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  • ERA2015 By  ERA2015    

    Best diapers

    I have tried almost every brand of diapers and these by far are the best for a runny diaper from a sick baby.

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  • jmahaffey1021 By  jmahaffey1021    

    good diapers for a great price

    great diapers. i use this brand along with pampers and i believe it is equally as good!

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  • Kfisher93 By  Kfisher93    

    Good for the price

    I started using these when my son was over a year old. They were my second go to when I was running low on money. But now that is all I buy. They arent high dollar and they do the jump.

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  • Montap2 By  Montap2    

    I will recommend this diaper as my maternity journeys with 9 children this are the ones I use they are afordable good quality no licks from good to cheap they are in the middle and do the job I have tried several brands but due to cost and quality I stay with this brand and I have tried several brands

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  • Mustain69 By  Mustain69    

    Not the best

    They work in a pinch but the chemical rash on my boy was a HUGE no for me. I was extremely unhappy and they leaked bad. Price is nice but not at the expense of my child's comfort.

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  • azalee22703 By  azalee22703    

    Terrible diapers. Constantly leak, I change my baby frequently and haven't had this problem with other brands. They also burst and the gel leaks out and then causes rashes. Just absolutely terrible, they are inexpensive, which shows in their product.

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  • momof3nuggets By  momof3nuggets    

    No thanks

    I used to like Luvs, but now I don't since they leak more and don't fit as well as they used to. I'll stick with other brands.

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  • Hunt29 By  Hunt29    

    No leaks!

    We used maybe 5 different brands before we stuck with luvs. My boy always found a way to leak or blow out other diapers but luvs have been able to contain him. They also dont run small like some other brands. He is a heavy wetter but these seem to hold well and they aren't bulky (before he gets them) in his pants.

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  • Mmiller97 By  Mmiller97    

    Luvs was the very first diaper brand that I had used for my daughter. The diaper itself is supposed to be absorbant, although when I went to change her diaper it was as though the diaper had not absorbed. Instead, it had ultimately pooled her urine. I was very upset to realize that she had been sitting in her own urine instead of a slightly damp diaper. Very disappointed with this diaper brand, I have not used them since.

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