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Luvs Diapers These are the diapers I always end up using for all of my children. They are very reliable and affordable.

I really love this brand!! I have 5 kids and I have used this brand with every one of my kids! i love how they are not bulky! I love how when they are older babies and pee at night, they dont smell of pee like the rest of the brands!

Reliable Good fit. Leakage not common- even over night. I used for multiple kids & this is what I gift for expecting parents. They smell great & most importantly WORK

We LOVE luvs I have used Luvs with my son since he was 3 months old. We LOVE luvs diapers! My son seems comfortable with them. The sizing guide has allowed us to continue to find the most comfortable fit for our son. We rarely have leaks. The only real time we have leaks is now that my son is older he tends to wet through his diapers in the night. This could entirely be fixed by us buying the Luvs overnight diapers with the leakguard protection but those particular ones can be harder to find in my area. The absolute best part of Luvs is just how affordable they are. We are a one income household and at times every spare dollar can count, with Luvs I never have to stress about not being able to afford diapers for my son.

Not with this baby I used love with my first 2 so i thought this time around I'd be okay by my 3rd constantly peed through them and you can definitely smell the odor

Cheap Diapers This has kept my chrildren dry for longer and prevents rashes.

I just recently had a baby. I didn't know what diaper to buy. When I saw the word, "Luvs" my heart just skipped a beat. I just knew it was the right type diaper. I fell in love, love at first sight. My baby is so happy about the, "Luvs" diapers, he is so full of joy. He loves em as much as I do. So much he quit peeing on me.

Not for us When my daughter was born premature, our routine always consisted of diaper rash cream to help with her sensitive skin. From my baby shower, I received a lot of packs / boxes of diapers from many different brands so we tried all of them. Luvs was my least favorite. I know my sister only uses this brand though, so it's different for everyone! My daughters skin was very sensitive & so they always made her butt red & irritated. I also felt like once the diaper was wet, it had a stronger odor than other diapers that had no odor.

Rash My new born daughter was only wearing it for about two hours when I changed her she had a rash everywhere the diaper was. I don't see how that is hypoallergenic.

Daughter broke out My daughter unfortunately is severely allergic to these. She is allergic to latex, which makes her break out in the leg and waist bands, but also broke out in her private area, which I assume was from the chemicals in the actual diaper.

Used to be great but now they seem small compared to other brands and have a chemical smell when peed in, in my opinion.

Estos pamper luvs son buenos ..son econůmicos y buena calidad. Atu alcance ...yo los recomiendo ami me gustan mucho

They're ok They were definitely softer than the members mark brand and more absorbent, but not as soft and absorbent as the pampers brand. Although i will say, pampers brand seemed a bit bulky between the legs (my son has big thighs) and Luvs were a bit more slim. At the end of the day it comes down to preference and we preferred swaddlers, that doesn't mean someone else wouldn't prefer Luvs.

They changed and lost a customer. Have they changed back to their old formula? Their new diapers, 2019/2020 edition, were terrible! Leaked in an hour. Caused a vile raw rash in the same amount of time. So I went to a lot of stores and bought what was left of their old diapers for my infant. I've used those ever since, sizes 2, 3, 4, and 5. The 5 is big on my 2.5 year old but I'm still using them. And then I'll never have to see another Luvs diaper again (I hope)

I gave luvs two tries. First time when my daughter was in 1's and it was a horrible experience. Tried again with 5's and actually really liked them!! For some reason when she was smaller they leaked like crazy. Other brands size 1's were not leaking so it's wasn't an issue of size. When I tried again at size 5 I was very happy with how secure they were and held a lot! They became my main overnight diapers.