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  • Vanessaloty By  Vanessaloty    

    Good bath bomb

    This bath bomb is fantastic, it smells great and it looks so beautiful in the water.

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  • Neesecolumbus By  Neesecolumbus    

    Lush is the best place to shop for bath bombs there vibrant colors and amazing smells are 😍

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  • NinaBrito2017 By  NinaBrito2017    

    Omg where do I start these are one of the best bath bombs you can have. They smell great. They look awesome in the tub and last they leave you skin feeling real soft.

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  • suzieQTPIE By  suzieQTPIE    

    LUSH BATH BOMB Experimenter MY Favorite

    LUSH is relativity new mall store that specializes in High End Bath Bombs . They run around $9.00 a piece. They have many choices so it's hard to choose when standing in the store just looking at the product. I would suggest searching online to see actual pictures from customers for the best info on product colors. This is my personnel favorite and appears to me to be an exploding rainbow... and I LOVE the product colors. If you want a special 'spoil me choice' OR a gift for a treasured friend than this is a wonderful memorable choice !

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