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  • IndianaSunset By  IndianaSunset    

    Eyes shine bright like a diamond!

    More often then not my eyes are red and irritated. These are the only drops that immediately soothe my eyes and clear them up! I have half a dozen children and almost always look ran down and tires. I put drops in before I leave house along with my makeup. Definitely brightens up my eyes and comforts them. ❤️💎

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  • ninabrackeen1 By  ninabrackeen1    

    Bloodshot to Optic White : The Eyes Have It !

    My family includes several optometerists and I have always been warned to avoid eyeantastic product.

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  • Kriswill By  Kriswill    

    White as clouds

    It?s crazy how this stuff really works ... it?s literally makes your eyes white as heck. I hate how bloodshot my eyes get but using this stuff makes them white as can be and lasts for 5 hours , definitely not 8

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  • Romariel By  Romariel    

    Good eye product

    A few weeks ago, I tried this eyedrop and was stunned by its amazing way of keeping my eyes hydrated.

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  • MommyMac_reviews By  MommyMac_reviews    

    Great drops

    I love these eye drops they make my eyes feel nice and hydrated and takes away all the redness.

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  • Cessnawv By  Cessnawv    


    I love this product! My eyes get bloodshot when I?m tired so I use this and it makes my eyes white and clear.

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  • fizzdizz By  fizzdizz    

    great for dry tired irritated eyes

    this is a great product i actually just received it to try and i was sold i suffer from dry eyes that get red after staring at my screen all day long these drops restore my vision back to greatness

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  • JustRebecca By  JustRebecca    

    I have been using this for over a year when my Optometrist recommended it for me. I told him I wanted bright eyes because they were starting to look red and tired always.

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  • dannyjeanne By  dannyjeanne    

    Doctor recommended!

    My eye doctor recommended these drops to me. They make your eyes unbelievably white for hours!

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  • Loving50andBeyond By  Loving50andBeyond    

    Daily Bright Eyes Are A Must!

    I love using Lumify before I take selfies. My eyes are so white and bright!

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  • Thatsassthough By  Thatsassthough    

    Great product

    This product does it all! Moisturizing the eye and adding a brilliant white and shine to it. The perfect addition to your cosmetics routine

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  • aliciamarie3 By  aliciamarie3    


    These do indeed make my eyes look white, but at the cost of a massive headache. Not worth it!

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  • bethbd1 By  bethbd1    

    Allegy Sufferer finds relief

    I have allergies and wear contacts. My prescription eye drops are very expensive and several have now gone over the counter and are cost prohibitive. Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops is a good product. I would recommend but only buy with coupons.

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  • stretchybones By  stretchybones    

    Amazing eye drops, erases fatigue and redness

    I received this product as a sample (not from Amazon), and I loved it so much I ended up buying a regular bottle from Amazon. As someone who doesn't sleep well and has a new baby, the redness relieving was amazing. I was a little skeptical but I felt like I looked so much more refreshed in the mornings after using it, and the effects seem to last most of the day (depending on how tired I am). I love that I have a product that helps me look presentable in the mornings (even if I don't feel like I should be). This does seem a little pricey, especially given how small the bottle is, but I know from going through my sample bottle that it should last quite a while.

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  • Porternurse39 By  Porternurse39    

    One drop and ALL of the redness is gone.

    I have dry eyes due to allergies and everyone always thinks I?ve been crying because of how red they can get. I saw this product on TikTok and it had really good reviews so I bought one vial on amazon. Literally one drop in each eye and the redness is completely gone. It lasts for about 5 hours for me (hence the 4 stars) but it is the only drop that has completely removed all red from my eyes. I look well rested and no more ?allergy eyes?.

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