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  • jordanlynette By  jordanlynette    

    Pretty Good!

    I am a tea lover, and this stuff is pretty good. It has a nice spicy and sweet flavor; perfectly balanced. Add a splash of milk, and it's a darn good cup of tea. Not my favorite by any means, but worth grabbing if you see it!

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  • Emyrose621 By  Emyrose621    

    Pretty good for chai tea at home, but it doesn't compare to a good chai latte

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  • savingprivatekelly By  savingprivatekelly    

    I'm a Lipton fan til the end until it comes to the chai tea. I prefer Tazo's chai tea wayyy better.

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  • Futuredoctormom By  Futuredoctormom    

    Tea perfection!

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  • neebeep By  neebeep    

    Chai is lovely. Lipton's is lovely. Together they are fantastic. As a devoted and proud Lipton's fan I am happy to add this to my collection. #TeaDrinkersUnite !

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  • raggedyannnj By  raggedyannnj    

    This is my guilty pleasure in the afternoon to get me the afternoon pick up when I start dragging

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  • lil_bit2089 By  lil_bit2089    

    Recently tried this tea and I have to say it was ok but not the greatest... Lipton has always been a good brand but I will stick with Twinnings spiced chai for this kind. Even some of the other brands are better. It is a good tea but seems like it's missing the spiced part..

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  • Angelinakindness By  Angelinakindness    

    I recently purchased some of this tea. I've always been a Lipton fan. This Chai tea is excellent.

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  • Pitterin By  Pitterin    

    Sweet and smooth. No sugars needed. Soothing after a hectic day and feeling a bit under the good!

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  • spark5 By  spark5    

    I was really excited to try this as I love cinnamon and I loved the taste of chai beverages. I was worried it would be too spicy hot for me like Red Hots or Dentyne but it wasn't at all. It is aromatic in the bag before brewing but not too strong. The pyramid tea bags really did seem to brew a lot easier and better than regular tea bags and I would say better then loose leaf for me - because no matter what type of loose tea holder I use - I get some particles leaking out into the cup - yuck! This is way better. Now on to the flavor - I tried this three times - once plain, once sweetened with honey, and once with milk added (to try to make it more like a chai drink). All of the times - it just tasted like regular black tea to me. It did not remind me of a chai drink - even with the milk. I also had a co-worker try it and here is what he said: "The is a nice robust spiced tea. I can't say whether it is as infused as loose tea as I almost never do loose tea. From observation it is clear that the tetrahedron tea bag shape provides more flow space in contrast to standard "flat" tea bags. It does have caffeine though; so I'd look for the de-caff if I were going to by some." #gotitfree

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