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  • joesgirl96 By  joesgirl96    

    good show

    This is a good show, a little risque. Jennifer Love Hewitt did a good job playing the part. She worked at a massage parlor that offered "extras" on the side. It shows what a mom had to do in order to provide for her family after her husband got injured. Leaves you on the edge of your seat

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  • Shanleynicole810 By  Shanleynicole810    

    Love it!

    I loved this show so much!!! It sucks you in and all the drama makes you binge it! Wish they kept going with it though!

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  • Booney86 By  Booney86    

    Thrills chills and more

    Jennifer love Hewitt is top notch in this role almost as good as when she was on ghost whisperer

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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    Super fun watch

    I loved this show I was on the edge of my seat if you like binge watching look no further Jennifer love Hewitt really gives a excellent performance not to be missed

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  • Babychikie6405 By  Babychikie6405    

    Love this show!

    I absolutely loved this show! I'm so upset it got cancelled. I love Jennifer Love Hewitt, she is an amazing actress. I really wish they would bring this show back.

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  • BreezyFbaby By  BreezyFbaby    


    I'm not a lifetime fangirl but I binged watched it recently. I had ran out of things to watch on Hulu. It was better than I thought it would be. I'm upset they cancelled it cause I binged watch it for nothing.

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  • Kelseylynne By  Kelseylynne    

    So upset this show was canceled, what a shame. This show explains the real struggle of a single mother trying to make a living.

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  • LKallio By  LKallio    

    I love Jennifer Love Hewitt but not this show much.

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  • Ever777 By  Ever777    

    I really enjoy this show. Jennifer Love Hewitt does a great job. Funny with a constant spice.

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  • kerrib By  kerrib    

    I absolutely loved this show and binged watched it a few times. Jennifer Love Hewitt was perfect in this role and i loved the story line it was unique and never like anything else i watched! I was broken and almost depressed when they ended it.

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  • VeronicaB By  VeronicaB    

    great program

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  • AmberL14 By  AmberL14    

    What a highly entertaining show! I was glad to see Jennifer Love Hewitt in such a diffferent role. I'm sad that this show ended. I was looking forward to seeing where they were going to go with certain characters.

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  • lovingmomof5 By  lovingmomof5    

    One of my favorite shows on TV.

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  • krisathome By  krisathome    

    One of my favorite shows on TV. I can not wait for the new season. I find it funny some of the fetishes that people have on the show.

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  • jenniferklochdavis By  jenniferklochdavis    

    I loved the movie and watched the show for a bit, but got kind for bored with it, and I am a huge Jennifer Love-Hewitt fan.

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