LeapFrog My Pal Scout

LeapFrog My Pal Scout

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Scout Soft Toy A perfect gift for a 1 year old, my daughter and son both love to listen to the rhymes, bedtime songs and music is very soothing. It engages them to talk and improve their vocabulary. soft and cuddly and not too heavy.

Great gift! Such a fun toy, cute voice and great learning tool!

Aspen loves it My Little girl Aspen loves hers. She likes that she can make it do different things and sing different songs and play different types of tunes. It's very exciting for her it's very sturdy. I would recommend.

Such a great gift. I bought this for my nephew for his birthday. It says his name, knows his favorite color and his favorite animal. I set it up online pretty easy. You can change the settings anytime on the website. Not going to lie, I played with it a bit before I gave it to him. He says a lot of stuff! Sings songs too and incorporates my nephew's name. Has a whole song made special for him saying his favorite things too. I was pretty impressed considering I didn't pay that much for it. My sister(his mom) was happy with it and my nephew carried it everywhere, even tried to feed him. Cute.

Great Toy! My son loves Scout! It's great for play and I love that it has lullabies for relaxation!

i got this for my youngest daughter when she was 2 and oh boy did she love scout. It is super cute helps with colors and shapes.

Love it My boys love theirs. They love when Scout says their names and includes their names in songs!

Love this Puppy My daughter loves this toy! She received it for her first birthday and still plays with it and sleeps with it at 2 1/2 years old. This is her go-to toy when we go on any trips and when she sleeps over at her grandparent's house.

Love it My son really lovrles this guy. He gets so exciting learning with him.

Super cute, easy to use, lovable stuffed animal. Set up was very easy with the step by step instructions. We love the feature that allows scout to spell an unfamiliar name. It worked out really well for my son who is learning letters.

Owned a Purple and Green one for my kids This is a great toy for toddlers to have. Such a cute little pal and they had green and purple available when my kids had them. They play songs and and keep them entertained. It's a great gift if someone doesn't have one for their child. They will definitely get use out of it.

I like this a lot for toddlers. it is well loved in my household. It's great that you can personalize it.

A FAMILY FAVORITE Adorable, fun, and interactive. We absolutely love this Scout!

All four of my children had one of these. They make excellent crib mates as a baby grows. Can sometimes be rather annoying with limited songs and sayings.

Great for learning! Scout is an amazing toy for my kiddos! I love the fact that you can personalize this product just for your child so it says your child's name and also says the spelling. Also it has loads of learning features which is also helpful in with the learning process! Easy to clean, not huge, not to pricey, totally worth the money! Batteries last forever and my kiddos play with it all the time! Highly recommend!