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  • EricaD By  EricaD    

    We have at least 6 of these guns plus the tower. They are a lot of fun, everyone from the kids to the grandparents have a blast with them. You have to hold down the trigger and shake the gun downward and back up in order to "reload" and I've found that some guns are a little more difficult than others, but it's not a huge deal. We also have one gun that doesn't shoot reliably when you pull the trigger, but it's gotten a fair amount of use and been tossed around in a toy box, so it's kind of to be expected. We marked that one with a sharpie and only use it if we have to. The reason I took a star off is the beeping! The guns beep every 15 seconds or so, and you can't turn it off! It makes it so you can't hide or sneak up on people, and it's pretty loud. We covered the speaker with packing tape and it has dampened the sound somewhat, but everyone who's used the guns has said they wish it could be turned off.

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  • Sassy-Sparkles By  Sassy-Sparkles    

    Perfect product during quarantine

    This is so fun during quarantine! Our family has been running around the house, playing our own laser tag. It is an absolute blast for everyone and it encourages the kids to run around and get active. I highly recommend this to any parent wanting their kids to have a great time while getting some good exercise.

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  • Queeniefreebie By  Queeniefreebie    


    My husband picked one of these up in Target and we had a blast. Our daughter who is 2 had fun running around pushing the buttons. We even had to take a video because she kept smiling while she was learning to use it. The straps are a little confusing but once you get them on, you won't want to get them off.

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  • SusanHN By  SusanHN    

    At Home Laser Tag - fun for everyone

    My son got this for his 10th birthday, and he loves it. So does his teenage brother and his dad. It's super easy to use and they play both inside and outside. It's a great way for them to run around - and you can add in extra blasters so a bunch of kids can play together. Plus, it works well when they are far from each other (so it's a great game for social distancing!) Only negative is that it is a bit loud and you can't lower the volume.

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