L'Oreal Paris Revitalift® Daily Volumizing Moisturizer

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift® Daily Volumizing Moisturizer

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I really wanted to love this product. I have been testing it for a week now. It is a nice and thick moisturizer, however it does not soak into my skin. When I went to try and apply my primer and foundation, it started to create little balls on my face. No matter how long I waited to let it soak in it did it. I even applied significantly less product to avoid the little balls. I don't want to waste the product so I use it at night now instead.

Great formula. Reduced my acne and softened my skin noticeably after only 1 week. Non-greasy and a little goes a long way.

I have heard amazing things about this line from Loreal , sadly I haven't had the opportunity to try it. However it IS on my list of must tries in the very near future if only my local stores would stock the entire regimine!

I want to say thank you for letting me try L'Oreal Daily Volumizing Moisturizer. I like how it made my skin feel and look, good product. Thanks again.

An overall nice product that blends well, does not leave me feeling greasy

I must say, I was very impressed with L Oreal Paris Revitalift Daily Volumizing Moisturizer. Left my skin very smooth. I also notice the wrinkles around my eyes where less noticeable. I as well have been telling my friends and family what I have been using. When they ask how i make my skin look so nice.

It is a very nice moisturizer. I love how it feels on my skin. It soaks into the skin well. It works great at filling in the wrinkles and improving the look of my skin. I have really noticed a change. I have had many compliments on my skin since I started using this. I highly recomment this to everyone.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by this product! I keep it on my nightstand so I don't forget to use it. The smell is amazing!! It feels so soft and smooth going on my skin. I think the biggest difference I've noticed is in my forehead. I'm a 36 yr old mom of 4, I don't want to look as run down as I feel sometimes and this product delivers!

I absolutely LOVE this product! I love the smell, the texture and the results. This is an amazing moisturizer too! I've tried a lot of products and this is hands down the best. I saw results after the first use. Every day after that, the results just got better. My skin is a great even texture. The fine lines, etc are either completely gone or unnoticeable now. The product feels great and it's weightless and non greasy. The scent isn't overbearing or too weak. The jar last a lot longer than I first assumed. I would easily pay $20-40 monthly for thisbecause it works so good. I am a believer note and I've totally switched from my old brand to using this faithfully everyday. I am excited to try the other products in this line now too, where before I wouldn't have spent this kind of money on something I want sure of. I see this as a great investment and think anyone considering giving this a try, should go for it! I'm beyond happy with the results! As a plus, my husband noticed a change within the first two days. I didn't tell him I was trying this product either. No regrets or downside for me! I'm sold.

It is a nice moisturizer. Soaks in well. It does have a smell, and I wish products would stop having smells. Do you realize how many different smells you have colliding on you body and in your senses by the time you walk out the door, starting with the soap you use to shower to the finishing spray on your hair or perfume you spray. Each product you use has it's own scent. Awful. But it works ok to fill in the wrinkles and improve the skin look. Not great, just ok. And the price is way too much for just ok. I like my aloe much better. Thanks for letting me try it though. I have passed it on to a friend that likes the smell and likes the way it works too.

Great product, softens and smoothes skin, plus smells good!

I used this product for several weeks and noticed an improvement in my forehead lines and frown lines. It goes on smoothly and does not feel greasy or sticky. It moves with your face rather than feeling stiff and crusty. I think the fragrance is not too strong and it's not unpleasant. I would recommend the product.

I was a huge skeptic when I received this product. However, I have to admit that I did see results after about 2 weeks, especially around my eyes. The perfume smell was a little heavy for me, but it left my skin much softer than other products I have tried and did have a noticeable effect on my wrinkles over time. I also noticed that I had to use less makeup and it lasted much longer because the cream also seemed to act as a primer on my skin (win/win).

I tried the Revitalift Daily Volumizing Moisturizer through She Speaks recently. Wow, I absolutely love this product. I immediately noticed the delicious scent and how creamy this moisturizer is! After about two weeks of twice-daily use, I saw definite improvements in wrinkles and firmness. After 4 weeks, I began receiving compliments from friends and family. "You look so good, what are you using on your face?!?" I definitely intend to buy and continue using this product, and have recommended it to many people as well. My best friend started using it and she already says that her skin looks more youthful! The thing I love about this product is how effective it is at smoothing wrinkles and lines, and the fact that it increases firmness in both my face and neck--it's reasonably priced, too!

I really liked this product. It has a nice scent, and a little goes a long way if you want it to totally absorb into the skin. I have strong forehead lines and I did notice some improvement in them within 2 weeks. I also decided to try this product on my decollate lines, since I am a side sleeper. I was also pleasantly surprised at seeing an improvement there also. I used the product on my face day and night, and only at night for the decollate. I may purchase in the future, although the retail retail price of the product would be a factor I would consider.