L'Oreal Paris Mousse Absolue

L'Oreal Paris Mousse Absolue

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I did not like this product. It made my hair stiff and I had a hard time rinsing it out.

The theory behind this pump-as-you-go product is great. I have short hair, so even a root touchup product is too much for my entire head, and getting to save some coloring product for later is pretty much the first of its kind! Love that!! My didn't loves: the reality is that keeping the product is messy, regardless of how careful you are. I managed through the bottle by keeping it stored in a gallon ziplock, but by the bitter end the bottle was positively oozing and all over the place. The color I chose was much darker than the packaging indicated, as well. All in all, I'll continue to buy this because for the money, you can't beat getting to use it all. Next time I'll just choose a shade lighter than what my actual hair color is...and have plenty of bathroom wipes at the ready to clean up each time afterwards.

I wanted to fall deeply in love with this product. And I did like it. But I could only give it 3 stars. So I'll go on a second date with it. Love is questionable. The good news: this new pump bottle mousse allows you to dispense enough color for one root-touch up (my situation) or an overall color. Then, unlike any hair color product I am familiar with, you can put the cap back on and save the rest for another coloring (4-6 weeks). Here was my problem, wow it was drippy. I usually use Revlon Colorsilk and it's a thin consistency, but I have no problems with dripping. I usually do a bunch of work and not a drop gets on my forehead. The good news: 30 minutes covered my gray and my hair looked very shiny and healthy after I washed and dried it. But for the price (I think it was around $13), I'm not sure I will repurchase once I have used the remaining portion for another root touch up. Perhaps I did something wrong, but essentially the mousse melted. The color skewed a bit warm (red). But they are clear about that when you look at the side of each box and they show examples of the finished color. They all looked warmer rather than cooler in the brown range.

love coloring my hair

Loved it! Easy to use leaves hair shiny and it smells like mousse and not those harsh color smells of ammonia

I loved this hair color I got from SheSpeaks! It was very easy to use. I didn't have to mix anything and I could save the rest for touch ups! My hair looked great!

I LOVE this product!! I received a free sample of L'Oreal Paris Mousse Absolue from SheSpeaks. First let me just say how easy it is to use and there isn't any mixing of product involved. I especially like the fact that I don't have to use the whole container in one shot, I can just save the leftover product for future use. This to me is a bonus. I received many compliments on the color and the shine. Thank You so much SheSpeaks for this opportunity!!

This was totally easy to use and my hair was shiny and brilliant colored for weeks. I was asked over and over what I was using and I was happy and proud to share the brand name to everyone

I liked that it is all in one and I do not have to mix stuff. I loved the coverage and the color. It did not have a sulfery stinky smell like alot of other ones do. It is a little out of my price range but if I had a coupon and it was on sale would surely get it again. Thanks She Speaks for letting me try it. I will not buy untill I try , so this was very nice.

As a first time home hair color user, I really appreciated how easy this product is to apply! And the product has enough for a second touch up? I'll take it!

I loved that it had enough product to go through thick hair. Loved how it made my hair feel and the prep liquid to help color penetrate tough greys. It did not cover as well as I had hoped what it did color has stayed and not faded one bit. I would probably buy again, maybe go with a darker color to ensure it covers evenly.

I absolutely loved L'Oreal Paris Mousse Absolue hair color. It was so easy to use, it didn't drip, plus I get the added benefit of having enough for a touch up in 4 weeks. The color was absolutely gorgeous. It has been 3 weeks since I used and it still looks fabulous! No fading and you still can't see my roots. I may be able to go more than 4 weeks before touching up. Love this product and highly recommend it.

I received L'Oreal Paris Mousse Absolue to test on my hair...I love this product! It was super easy to apply and I loved that I could use it for more than one application. It was not messy like other hair color and made my look awesome! I recommend this to anyone looking for an easy way to color their hair without all the messy mixing and dripping that is usually associated with at home hair coloring kits!

I received a free sample of L'Oréal Paris Mousse Absolue from SheSpeaks. I tried it, and I was really impressed. For me, this is one of the best hair dye products I have tried. First of all, the product comes ready to use - no mixing! This is just awesome, and anything that reduces the mess is a good thing for me! The product also comes with enough to have some "leftovers" for touch ups. I have medium length hair, and I had enough for one use and one touch up. I used the color tool on the website to find my perfect shade, and it was true to color and looked great! My hair was soft and shiny! the product was super easy to use! If you dye your hair at home, I would highly recommend trying this because it is so easy and convenient and works great!

This was a great hair coloring experience. I have really thick hair, but it was no problem. Very happy with the results! I love the brand. It is a lil costly, but it is worth it. Thx Shespeaks.