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  • tjs68111 By  tjs68111    

    Works for me!

    I think this is really good at getting the blackheads out and my pores look smaller too after using this for a few months! I like how the charcoal seems to make my skin feel smoother too! Everyone's skin is different though so, just thankful it works for me!

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  • Brittany8977 By  Brittany8977    

    Was a little expensive for a product that didn't work. I did like the scrub but this did nothing for break outs. Would still randomly break out through out the month. Felt like my face was already tight and overly stripped. I've used way better cleansers the charcoal was just a hype.

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  • crystallee2019 By  crystallee2019    

    nice smooth detox mask

    pretty decent skincare. the charcoal stuff I highly recommend for our skin, it detoxes it. give it a try.

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  • charliecat31 By  charliecat31    

    Not effective

    I love scrubs and have many favorites. Unfortunately this isn't one of them. The particle size seemed too irregular and too large to be effective. Garnier has a lot of great, affordable products, but this one isn't for me.

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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    Clear Complexion

    I am so impressed with how amazing my skin looked after using mask! My complexion looks smoother and softer! My skin is moisturized and hydrated! It helped to get rid of acne spots and blemishes! Also, I noticed my skin feels more firm! Thanks for a great product!

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  • Victoriahope By  Victoriahope    

    Highly recommend

    Definitely a good facial scrub! It leaves my face soft and clean and you can see a big difference on the blackheads and how well it works I definitely wish my face with this twice a day and I'm never disappointed and it works wonders I would highly recommend

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  • darlingfirst By  darlingfirst    

    Squeaky Clean...

    Nowadays, you'll find a ton of products that have active charcoal. Ever since the blackhead craze came to the USA from Korea...everyone has been obsessed. After trying several products from all over...and loving products from each country...a great US product is this Garnier Scrub...it's gentle enough to use everyday and it starts creating a luminous canvas over time. At first my skin tended to be really oily...with continued use after I got out of the shower...I was ready to moisturize and put on makeup without the oily after effects. I really recommend to those with oily combo skin...if you have dry sking...you're asking for a ton of dryness...so beware.

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  • mrimmer16 By  mrimmer16    

    I loooove this , I bought this once and I fell in love with it, I was so impressed with its results, the scent was nice and calming, you only need a little and it goes a long way, and it is in my favorite kind of bottle where I can easily put it in the shower to have within reach, it leave my skin soft and supple and no over drying, this is my go to cleanser.

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  • Spratt By  Spratt    

    I have little to no skin issues besides a few black heads, it smelled good... but when I used this product it broke out my t-zone and i never have issues there... it seemed to help the black heads though - a little weird....

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  • ashface74 By  ashface74    

    Didn't care for this product too much. First thing I noticed it gave my skin a really squeaky rubbery feel (almost like too clean) and secondly didn't really notice a difference in my skin. Not the best scrub from Garnier. I def. recommend the Peppermint & jojoba beads scrub from Garnier. Feels AMAZING on the skin!!

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  • Yourenotfetxh By  Yourenotfetxh    

    I really enjoy this product. It minimizes the size, and even eliminates about 95% of the blackheads that appear on my face. The price is decent, and it does what it says. Overall, no complaints.

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  • AlissaCOLLAZOS By  AlissaCOLLAZOS    

    i really like this products, i seen results very quickly

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  • Maddym324 By  Maddym324    

    This product would be amazing, however, I have very sensitive skin. It does clear most blackheads but, it dries out my skin very badly. I would recommend this to a person who has not so sensitive skin.

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  • DestinyColson By  DestinyColson    

    I lovwe how this left my face felling really clean but it was dry out though when i come the face was i love anything that get rid of acne but not to dry it out

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  • Ayyejax By  Ayyejax    

    Leaves my pores looking amazing . I had some tough blackheads in there , and this got rid of them!

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