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  • Linseylou By  Linseylou    

    I'm on the fence about this product. It is kind of watery

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  • oldsoul97 By  oldsoul97    

    I honestly have mixed feelings about this product. It comes in beautiful colors but it is not opaque in one or two coats. They do however look great over a white nail polish.

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  • mslisa By  mslisa    

    I love nail polish and will try just about anything. I bought several shades of this brand for 1.00 each! I love the way it goes on. No streaks and the colors are beautiful

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  • Angiesmom121407 By  Angiesmom121407    

    Pretty good nail polish just have to put multiple coats on

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  • JasmineArwood By  JasmineArwood    

    I have to apply over 2 coats because it's so thin and poor quality. I like the colors but they peel the next day even with a top coat.

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  • katfos By  katfos    

    The polish is watery and does not go on that great. My daughter likes the bright colors but I cannot wear it because it looks cheap and peels off my nails.

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  • ammsan By  ammsan    

    26 colors for $2.50. Much to say I was very skeptical about the quality. still took a chance and bought it. Amazingly good & no chip offs. Well, now I know how to own that incredibly large collection on nail polishes withing my budget,

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  • loveashleydawn By  loveashleydawn    

    This is my usual brand since I cant afford most others. You get what you paid for. Dsrker colors are sometimes okay and not opaque but the lighter colors? You need so many layers its not worth it. I do have a box full of this brand but a girl has to do what she has to do. I would recommend only certian colors...mostly id say stear for a bit pricier and get better polish.

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  • Lovely_Lexie By  Lovely_Lexie    

    Normally I stay away from nail polish that only cost a dollar but shockingly this nail polish is really nice. It dries quickly and does not chip easily. If there is a dark color it doesn't take many coats but for lighter nail colors it takes a few more coats of polish. I've used it for a while and have not had any issues. After I remove my nails are not stained and they are still strong and healthy.

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